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Thread: Got into a minor accident!

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    Default Got into a minor accident!

    Today i did not notice that I was going on a right turn lane and went straight while looking at my gps. When i realise i was too late as a car was turning right. I managed to swerve but my foot peg scratched the car front bumper. This caused me to panic and ride away after i gained my balance on the bike. I am in the wrong and learned my lesson. I am afraid that my licence will be revoked as i just passed 1 month ago.... what should i do right now??

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    May we wish you the turn for the better with regards to luck.

    I'll try to make it as layman as possible.

    Things to consider:
    1. The vehicle's dashcam may have recorded your license plate
    2. Incidents like these (or even minor / major accidents) usually would get raised to his/her insurance. You ought to have raise this with your insurance as well - your insurer will try to be understanding, just tell them what went wrong.
    3. But expect your next year insurance to go up (if the car driver decides he doesn't want to forgive and foot the repair bill and raises this with his insurer > which will then summon your insurer... Both your insurer and his insurer will arbitrate (professional argument over who is 100% wrong and have to pay for the damage repair)
    4. If the resultant arbitration shows you're completely in the wrong, no worries at the moment - your insurer will try to manage the repair bill.
    5. But because of #4 above, your next year's insurance renewal premium (price) will increase... Somebody gotto foot that damage cost eventually ma...

    There's one small complication... you should have been courteous to stop alongside the driver, and exchange name and details. We don't know if he's frustrated now cos this looks like a hit and run, and whether he has additionally reported this to TP (usually accidents are settled without TP or Police unless its very jialat). Your license won't get suspended immediately but if TP gets wind of what happened, they may decide to give you demerit points and a couple hundred fine for reckless riding)

    * for a P plate, the one offense that can I can think of that can cause you to get high demerit points away from a suspension is beating the red light. Anyways the list of demerit point offenses is on the SPF website. Have a look there.

    Anyways just let your insurer know immediately, play as an honest motorist, tell them completely what happened - they will try to lessen the "damage" if the driver did indeed go to his insurer and the results show you're at fault.
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