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Thread: Rules & Regulations

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    Default is growing constantly; bringing bikers together, the space requirement for running the site is on the rise. Therefore, we do NOT allow shops or distributors to post the sale of their items commercially. If you are interested to advertise on, please contact us using our online advertising enquiry form.

    Please take note that all threads in the Mass Ordering Section will be validated first from now on. This is to avoid conflicts between advertisers and the forum.

    Please note of the following restrictions:

    - All SingaporeBikes Related items (ex. tshirts, stickers) shall go thru MotorX as part of the cost will go to the fund to support the site.

    - Parallel imported products with local distributors are recommended to go thru local distributors for quotations instead ordering overseas.

    - In event of conflict of interests for the advertisers, SBF will intervene to protect the interest of the advertisers.
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    Sales & Mass Orders Rules & Regulations
    Dear members

    This is to set the queries straight for all that are thinking of having sales & mass product orders in this Forum.

    Singapore Bikes Forum (SBF) was started as a "Free to Join" Forum for all with the same interest to share tips and also to know more people in the riding scene of Singapore. However, as we grow bigger, we have to invest in our own server, bigger space and bigger band width to cater to the ever increasing members. We insisted on maintaining everything free for members.

    However, due to the large amount of sudden members-turned-dealers situations, we have therefore started to segregate mass orders into 2 groups: Personal Mass Order (PMO) and Commercial Mass Order (CMO). The former will remains free as long as organiser can produce proof of costs, freight charges etc and no substantial markups are seen.

    These standard rules will apply throughout the forum:

    1. No commercial sales are to be done other than within the Products Mass Ordering Section.
    2. No organising of PMOs & CMOs are to be done other than within the Products Mass Ordering Section.
    3. All mechandises such as tshirts, caps etc, will be exclusively produced by GiaComo South East Asia (SBF's Official Mechandiser)
    4. All sales related postings/threads are NOT allowed in any section other than in the Advertisers' Board Section. Authorised advertisers with a section within Advertisers' Board section will be able to post their sales/promotionals threads.
    5. Personal sales of used items will only be allowed within Garage Sales.
    6. Other circumstances will be handled in an ad-hoc basic. All postings/threads will be removed without notice.

    In every Business we have to make a profit in order to keep our operations running. Those that have done their home work would understand that we are only earning very little to keep the forum alive. We do not trade higher profit margins for quality and we understand that due to this fact, we may not be the cheapest but definitely, we produce the better quality ones.

    Please kindly co-operated with us on this issue and have faith in us. has went through the years and each year, we have tried our best to organise our anniversaries so that members can get back something in return. Freebies such as helmet bags, tshirts, keychains, magazines, prizes and much more. We earn to save for big events, not for our own pleasure.

    Best regards,
    Singapore Bikes Forum



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