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  1. Personally, I think you must love the bike you're going to buy. whether its from a personal seller or a shop. If it does not make your heart pitter patter a little... Then walk away from it. Whether you're buying from personal seller or shop you have to prepare 1-2k spare cash just to cater for the servicing and minor repairs. Alot of dealers do minimal maintenance on their "trade in" bikes... so don't expect those to be in tip top condition. You need to check and make sure. There are some more decent dealership who would be more honorable and sometimes it comes down to your own personal
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  2. I just got the bike a few months ago when the forks were already in that condition. Thanks for the tips guy. I guess the previous owner left the motorcycle exposed without bike canvas under the sun and rain at the open space carpark for many years. Now after researching I am consider to either cover it with vinyl wrap (cheapest) or plastidips (pricey). I still remember the scrambler/DRZ hype and crazed back in 2012 with many fb photos and video post from the riders. I was still riding underbone cub bike back then. Those riders have longed sold their DRZ since, I guess I missed the DRZ p
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  3. Cause throw in a lot of money on it already haha.
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