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  1. hi guys, i just passed my TP at SSDC on 8 July 21. No more check back right. if youre at the stop line and turning right when you're moving off, look right then left for traffic, then check right blind spot then move off. same goes for turning left where you will check left blind spot because you're turning left. no need to worry about whatever kerb. if you're going straight from stopped position, check right blind spot before moving off. you will check where you are turning before you move off. same for the road assessment.
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  3. How's this pink Forza 350? Brave colour choice but looks good! And those aftermarket rims are a good match!
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  4. Time Left: 2 months and 14 days

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    Yamaha R1 13 COE : Mar 2024 Road tax: may 21, will extend to oct 21 Negotiable Mileage : 16k (to be layup on May) Brembo brake and lever LighTech Racing footrest Marchesini Racing Rim (Tyre will be changing) LED signals Carbon fibre GB racing engine casing guard Akrapovic slip on end can Giving away stock parts together with it 12xxxkm: Clutch plate and clutch housing replacement and coolant flush. Last EO change 15xxxkm: tyre changed to Metzeler Sportec M5, EO changed Liqui Moly 10w-40 Never been on track before. Never met into an accident before but bike has skidded by previous owner. hit me up for viewing. Nine 6 eight 1 eight 4 zero 1

    17,500.00 SGD

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