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  • SBF
    Ducati Singapore is holding a MASSIVE sale for this coming festive Christmas period by letting you ride away your dream Ducati motorcycle by just paying the machine price!
    You will receive:
    Free COE Free Road Tax Free Registration Fee 2 + 2 Years of Extended Warranty This applies to any Ducati of your choosing from the Class 2A Scrambler Sixty2 to the race-worthy Panigale, all of which are sure to bring your rides to another level of thrill.
    Discover more only at the Ducati Singapore showroom today.
    Ducati Singapore
    Address: 45 Leng Kee Rd, Singapore 159103
    Phone: 6430 4930
    While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply. Remember to tell quote "SINGAPOREBIKES" and let them know we sent you!

    Boon Siew Singapore - Authorised distributor for Honda motorcycles in Singapore is holding a weekend promotional sales will be making a comeback this 12.12 period, with yet more discounts off their bike models even in the face of a much higher COE premium!
    Don't make the same mistake by waiting too long, cause they have some amazing deals off both their new and demo units! 😉
    All prices are inclusive of the following:
    1. Latest COE
    2. Six (6) months road tax
    3. Registration/IU fees
    4. GST
    Once again, feel free to drop them a message to enquire about the model you're interested in! Their WhatsApp line is available here: https://wa.me/6588700313 and remember to quote "SINGAPOREBIKES" to receive special promo and freebies!
    The bikes are being sold at NEVER BEFORE prices so if you're thinking of getting a new bike, this is the time!

    First Ever Unit of Ducati Superleggera V4 to arrive in Malaysia, with only 500 units in the world.

    This is the only street bike with a carbon fibre chassis, swingarm and wheels as standard from the factory.
    Dry weight of 159kg, 16kg less than the current Panigale V4, and it comes with lightened Öhlins with pressurised fork for better handling in the corners. Stopping prowess is taken care of by a Brembo braking system with Stylema R callipers.

    On the technological side, it includes latest generation electronics package that includes EVO 2 strategies for the DVR and DQS up/down.
    Power is up to 234HP and the units are priced at MYR888,000 (SGD292,000) in Malaysia.
    While most of us are complaining about the high COE prices driving up Class 2A bike prices to over SGD20,000, this Ducati Superleggera V4 is made for the very few and far between riders that can afford to pay almost the price of a HDB flat just to own the latest and greatest from Ducati.

    Do you reckon we'll see any of these Superleggera V4s on the roads in Singapore? Guess we'll have to check in with the local Ducati agent to find out.

    What do you think of this beast? Is it too execessive? Or is it priced too high? Are we going into unchartered territories as bikes get ever more expensive? Let us know in the comments below!

    Kingpin presents the COVID-edition, socially-distanced Swanky Swap Meet!

    You've been craving for events and so have we. For the swanky swap meet to go on smoothly, let's play our part.
    Location: Handlebar @ Gillman Barracks, 13th December, Sunday. 50 pax per time slot - 12pm to 3pm and 4pm to 7pm.
    Overstocked with motorcycle parts you need to swap out? Or looking for custom, pre-loved parts to complete your work of art?
    RSVP at the link in our Event Calendar here:
    Get up close with the all new BMW R18 provided by BMW Motorrad as well as other sponsors such as Motorwerks, Shell, and many many more!
    Hope to see you there!

    Born from the first ever cooperation between the two Italian brands, the Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini pays homage to the Siàn FKP 37 hybrid supercar with a limited production featuring lots of carbon on the power cruiser’s higher-spec S variant.
    In 2012 the Volkswagen (VW) Group bought Ducati, adding another Italian icon to its impressive portfolio that was already harboring Lamborghini and Bugatti since 1998 – as well as Porsche, Bentley and Audi among several others.
    With headquarters stationed some 20 kilometers apart along the short stretch between Bologna and Ferrari’s hometown, Modena, that marks the beating heart of the Italian Motor Valley, it seems surprising that Ducati and Lamborghini had never worked together on a common theme before. All the while, in a stroke of logistical irony, the owner of Ducati on paper is actually Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.
    Inspiration for this build came from the 800-hp (597-kW) Siàn FKP 37, Lamborghini’s first ever hybrid car that was unveiled in 2019 as a tribute to the late Ferdinand Piëch, VW Group Chairman who had passed away a few months earlier. Only 63 examples were ever built symbolizing the company’s founding year, 1963, and were swiftly sold out at US$2 million apiece – as did the 19 open-top Siàn roadsters that were made one year later.

    The Diavel was an obvious choice and, sure enough. Ducati based it on the higher-spec 1260 S variant that sprinkles the 162-hp (121-kW) power cruiser with adjustable Öhlins suspensions and a fully equipped electronic suite.
    With no changes in the mechanical setup of the standard Diavel, both brands’ designers collaborated in creating the visual link between motorcycle and car, starting with two central elements: wheels and colors.
    The Centro Stile Lamborghini made sure that this Diavel dons the exact same “Gea Green” color as the Siàn, sprinkled with “Electrum Gold” shades on the wheel rims and trellis frame.
    Ducati replaced almost everything that was plastic on the standard bodywork with carbon fiber parts – including air intakes, central tank cover, mudguards, exhaust cover, seat cover, headlight frame and engine spoiler. This fact probably explains why the Lamborghini version weighs one kilogram (2.2 lb) less than the Diavel 1260S.
    The Diavel 1260 Lamborghini will be constructed in a limited run of only 630 motorcycles; 10 times the number of Siàn FKP 37 cars that were made. It certainly won’t carry the seven-digit price tag of the hypercar, but it will probably demand a substantial premium thanks to its collectible nature, unique bits like the Lamborghini-styled wheels and the abundance of tailor-made carbon parts.

    Ducati makes no mention of delivery times and suggests that interested parties should contact their local dealers for more. If anything, experience from previous factory customs from Italian manufacturers – not only Ducati but also Aprilia and MV Agusta – teaches us that they tend to disappear pretty quickly, regardless of price tags.

    What do you think of the Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini? Do you think anyone in Singapore would be "crazy" enough to purchase one? Most probably.. Since we have quite a few Ducati V4R on our roads commanding a price tag of well over S$100,000.
    Let us know what you think of this limited edition Ducati in our comments section below!

    Yes, it’s Chinese, built down to a price and has performance that won’t set the world on fire, but the Zontes ZT310-T is also a hell of a lot of surprisingly well-equipped bike for the money.
    Originally named the T310 when launched in 2019, it’s comfortable, smooth, swift, doesn’t panic when you show it a corner and way cheaper than its Class 2A counterparts and even certain Class 2B rivals.
    Only time will tell how durable it will be and what it will be worth a few years down the line, but engines have always been bulletproof and Zontes build quality has moved on from the bad old days of Chinese bargain buckets.

    Updated for 2021 and renamed: Zontes ZT310-T
    Detail changes for 2021 add extra refinement to what was already a capable, very well-equipped, nicely finished and incredible value Class 2A licence-friendly all-rounder. It isn’t the last word in excitement but the Zontes is comfortable, smooth, gets from A to B with little fuss and never lacks real world power or gets flustered in corners.
    If you opt for the 19in front wheel version it could handle some very light off-road trails, but the grip from its dual-purpose rubber in the cold and wet could be better. Best of all Zontes are starting to get top marks in our online owners’ reviews, which bodes well for the Chinese firm. However, alongside the above changes for 2021 was a slightly higher price tag to justify the extra kit. 

    Ride quality & brakes
    Granted, it doesn’t ride with the grace of a Ducati, or have refined controls of a Honda, but you know what? It isn’t half bad, especially when you keep reminding yourself the low cost of entry to Zontes ownership. Even the major manufacturers would struggle to produce so much metal for so little.
    Once you’ve picked yourself up off the floor from the shock of the impressive spec list, you’ll ride down the road and discover the Zontes does nothing wrong on the move. There are no nasty vibes from the engine, thanks to its balance shaft, it doesn’t go one way when you want to go the other and everything works exactly as it should.
    It doesn’t have the behemoth dimensions of a big capacity adventure bike, so carrying pillions will be a squeeze, but that keeps things light and manageable. The 159kg machine is comfy enough for one and has a roomy riding position. Big mirrors are clear and the two-position screen quiet and effective.
    Non-adjustable suspension offers up an unflustered ride and there’s no sign of the cheap, crashy ride your bones and false teeth would normally have to contend with a Chinese bike over bumps.
    Unlike most adventure-style machines the ZT310-T wears a 17-inch front wheel up front rather than a 19 or 21, so your off-road pretentions will need to be tempered to bumping up a kerb at the McDonald’s Drive-Thru, but on the road the Zontes rolls easily from corner to corner with little effort. 
    Dual purpose CST tyres have adequate grip wet or dry, the single 260mm front disc and twin piston caliper gets you stopped easily and a dab of rear gives you extra stopping power when you need it.

    2021 Zontes ZT310-T ride verdict
    The way the Zontes rides and conducts itself in the corners is perfectly acceptable for the price. Returning a claimed 31.5km/h from its 19-litre fuel capacity (up from 15 litres in 2021) will get you a theoretical 482.8km from full to empty…or Singapore to Malacca and back without having to get off. The riding position and large padded seat are comfy enough to do those kinds of miles in one hit and its two-way electric screen shields you nicely from the elements.
    Its physical size is somewhere between a Class 2B bike and a full-size adventure bike, making it manageable at low speed and easy to get feet down at a stop, but it’s slightly cramped for bigger riders and for two-up work.
    For 2021 the ZT310-T comes with either cast aluminium 17in wheels, or a spoked 19in front, which raises the seat height from 795mm to 830mm. They’re shod with CST dual purpose tyres, which are fine in the dry, but lack grip on cold, wet tarmac. The adventure style wheel and tyre combo are there more for looks than any real off-road pretensions, not least because its cruiser-style front mudguard would quickly scoop up mud and lock the front wheel. For more natural on-road handling and a lower seat the 17in wheel option is the one to go for.
    A twin sliding piston front caliper bites a bigger 300mm disc (up from 260mm) for 2021 and the rear is up 30mm to 230mm, so braking power is never a problem, even at spirited speeds, plus there’s Bosh 9.1M ABS to bail you out just in case. Steering has the slightly lazy feel of a bike with a 19in front wheel, which you quickly get used to, but it’s an easy bike to jump on and ride and doesn’t spring any nasty surprises. Non-adjustable suspension is soft, forgiving and never sloppy or crashy, just well balanced and confidence inspiring.

    A liquid cooled 311.7cc single cylinder dry-sumped motor (oil is stored in the frame) will never set the world on fire for the experienced, but for the new rider there’s a broad spread of throbby single cylinder power, decent low-down punch, perfect fuelling from the Delphi injection and enough oomph to cruise at motorway speeds and above. There’s no slop in the gearbox and not a false neutral in sight.

    2021 Zontes ZT310-T engine verdict
    The ZT310-T is powered by the same liquid cooled, DOHC, 312cc dry sump (oil in the frame) single with nickel silicon carbide plated aluminium cylinders. It produces just 35bhp and 22ftlb of torque, but it’s enough to push the Zontes along at a decent rate of knots. It’ll handle A-road overtakes with a few down changes (the six-speed gearbox works perfectly) and tops 90mph. The engine is smooth at low and mid rpm (a bit strained above) and has nice fuelling with Bosch fuel injection replacing Delphi for 2021, along with the addition of a slipper clutch to get rid of unwanted engine braking.

    Reliability & build quality
    Cylinders, swingarm and wheels are aluminium, the steel fuel tank is galvanised, plastics are sturdy and the stainless-steel exhaust (which has 'cool touch' stacked end cans, that won’t burn luggage or your pillion’s leg) all count towards long term durability and already this current generation of Zontes machines are getting the thumbs up from owners. Paint finishes and plastics are sturdy and you get a two year warranty from the local Zontes dealer. Servicing is every 5,000km.

    Value vs rivals
    Chinese-built bikes always score against their rivals in the price department and the ZT310-T is no different. Add in all its toys and an impressively capable ride and it’s an even bigger bargain.
    To ride and live with the Zontes is a pleasant surprise. Of course, it’s never going to be as polished as something like a Honda CB400X, but then the ZT310-T is two grand cheaper and most importantly a step towards convincing us that Chinese bikes really can be taken seriously.

    2021 Zontes ZT310-T vs rivals 
    In terms of bang for your buck the Zontes ZT310-T has a level of standard equipment to embarrass a top-shelf European adventure bike and it’s cheaper than a KTM 390 Adventure and BMW G310GS. In terms of price and performance the Zontes is on par with the Sinnis Terrain 380 and Royal Enfield Himalayan.

    The Zontes is surprisingly well equipped with keyless ignition, two riding modes, Bosch 9.1M ABS, an LCD display, lightweight lithium battery, USB charger, adjustable brake and clutch levers, electric screen, seat lock and fuel tank cover. Rugged, hard adventure-style panniers and a top box are also available as an accessory.
    2021 Zontes ZT310-T equipment
    A TFT colour display with Bluetooth connectively replace an LCD display for 2021 and doesn’t look too dissimilar to an exotic MV Agusta’s.
    Elsewhere the spec level belies its bargain basement price: keyless ignition, two riding modes (Sport, Eco), a USB charger, adjustable brake and clutch levers, an electric screen, automatic seat and fuel flap release, a cubby hole under the dash, rack, bullbars, handguards, LEDs, backlit switches and a metal tab on the pillion peg for a disc lock and MV stainless-steel 'cool touch' stacked end cans, that won’t burn luggage or your pillion’s leg. Hard adventure-style panniers and top box are also available as an accessory.

    With the increasing popularity of Zontes bikes in Singapore, they might just be a more common sight on the roads in the near future. With its bargain basement price, handsomely good looks, and more tech than you can throw at an IT geek - There's nothing not to love about the ZT310-T.
    We'll just have to see in a couple of years if the Chinese made bikes will have the same kind of reliability as their Japanese counterparts, which have made brands such as Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki such a big draw in South-East Asia.

    Honda has fully remodeled the PCX series of scooters, which have been well-received for their stylish appearance and environmentally friendly engines. The new "PCX", "PCX160" and "PCX e:HEV" models will be released on January 28, 2021 (Thursday).
    PCX (Pearl Jasmine White)
    PCX (Candy Raster Red)
    PCX (Poseidon Black Metallic)
    PCX (Matte Dim Gray Metallic)
    PCX (Matte Cosmo Silver Metallic)
    PCX160 (Pearl Jasmine White)
    PCX160 (Candy Raster Red)
    PCX160 (Poseidon Black Metallic)
    PCX160 (Matte Dim Gray Metallic)
    PCX e:HEV (Pearl Jasmine White)
    The PCX is a newly designed water-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, 124cc single-cylinder engine "eSP +" that achieves improved output and further fuel efficiency in a newly designed frame that pursues light handling and ease of handling in daily life.
    The front and rear disc brakes are equipped with 1-channel ABS that operates only on the front as standard equipment, and Honda Selectable Torque Control is newly adopted, which contributes to a sense of security on slippery road surfaces. It is a two-up moped scooter that has a high level of environmental friendliness. In addition, Honda has enhanced the equipment that is easy to use, such as adopting a luggage box with expanded capacity and equipping it with a USB socket that is convenient for charging mobile terminals, etc.
    The PCX160 is based on the PCX and expands the engine displacement to 156cc to achieve more powerful and comfortable driving performance. It is a light motorcycle scooter that provides plenty of room and fulfillment in a wide range of driving situations, from driving in the city to commuting via the highway and touring to the suburbs.
    PCX e:HEV adopts a hybrid system based on PCX, which uses a high-power lithium-ion battery as an energy source and adds a drive assist function to the ACG starter (motor) that is responsible for starting the engine and generating power. It is a two-up scooter and a moped. By combining the newly designed engine "eSP +" with improved output assisted by a motor, torque is improved in the low rev range, and agile throttle response and high power performance are realized while maintaining high quality such as quietness.
    Main features of PCX / PCX160 / PCX e: HEV
    Newly designed engine "eSP +" that achieves both high output and environmental performance
    Achieved high output by expanding the valve area by increasing the valve mechanism to 4 valves and increasing the intake efficiency of the air-fuel mixture and the exhaust efficiency of the combustion gas. Furthermore, in addition to reducing the sliding resistance and increasing the compression ratio by shortening the stroke of the cylinder inner diameter X stroke, the piston that injects engine oil to the back side of the piston enables efficient cooling and advancement of the ignition timing. It contributes to the improvement of power output by adopting an oil jet. By adopting a hydraulic cam chain tensioner lifter, both friction reduction and noise and vibration suppression are achieved at the same time. The intake path from the air cleaner (intake) to the inlet pipe has been expanded, and the throttle body diameter has been increased to improve intake efficiency. In addition to optimizing the internal structure of the muffler and reducing exhaust resistance, we have optimized the placement of the catalyzer to improve the exhaust gas purification performance, achieving both powerful driving and excellent environmental performance at a high level. Body and suspension that provide comfortable and high-quality driving
    By redesigning the frame, the weight of the frame body alone is reduced while maintaining the rigidity balance. The body packaging is a more advanced version of light handling and ease of handling. A rubber mount structure handle holder is used to reduce unpleasant vibration transmitted from the vehicle body to the rider's hands. It contributes to comfortable riding. The wheels have been redesigned to increase the size of the tires, and the rear axle travel has been extended, contributing to light handling and a comfortable ride. Disc brakes are used for the front and rear braking devices. In addition, a 1-channel ABS that operates only on the front is standard equipment. Fully advanced equipment and various functions pursuing convenience in daily life
    Newly adopted Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). Based on the signals from the front and rear wheel speed sensors and throttle position sensor, the engine torque is controlled by controlling the fuel injection amount to suppress the slip of the rear wheels. A USB socket is newly standard equipment in the front inner box. It makes it possible to charge mobile terminals such as smartphones, further enhancing convenience. The capacity of the luggage box has been expanded to 30L for the PCX / PCX160 and 24L for the PCX e: HEV. The loadability is improved and the convenience is further improved. Uses Honda SMART Key system. By carrying the smart key and approaching the vehicle, the main switch knob can be unlocked without removing the smart key itself. "Top Box 35L Smart Key System Type" is newly added to the separately sold genuine accessories. By linking with the Honda SMART Key system, the top box can be unlocked more conveniently. Flowing and high-quality styling design
    By combining the horizontal proportions with a simple and elegant surface composition and the edge line that makes you feel the dynamic flow, the appearance has been renewed to emphasize the advancedness and high quality of the PCX. The color variation of PCX / PCX160 is "Candy Raster Red" that expresses high-quality clothing. "Poseidon Black Metallic" with a fearless and calm impression. "Pearl Jasmine White" with a clean and elegant impression. In addition to the four colors of "Matte Dim Gray Metallic" that gives a powerful impression of metal, the PCX is also available with "Matte Cosmo Silver Metallic" that gives a fresh and youthful impression. The PCX e:HEV is available in one color, "Pearl Jasmine White," which expresses an advanced image with a combination of white and blue. Main features for PCX e: HEV
    Efficient and compact e: HEV system that fits in the PCX body packaging
    By combining the newly designed engine "eSP +" with a motor assist that uses a high-power lithium-ion battery as an energy source, agile throttle response and high power performance are achieved while maintaining a high-quality feel such as quietness. Switching between two motor assist characteristics, "D mode" that achieves both comfortable driving and moderate assist according to the driving situation and rider's preference, and "S mode" that enhances assist and enhances sportiness. It makes it possible and provides "fun to drive" according to the driving scene. In addition to the bracket on the back of the signature lamp of the headlight and the inner lens of the tail lamp lighting part in blue, the seat in black and blue two-tone color and the emblem dedicated to e:HEV are adopted to further enhance the advanced and high quality part of the body is accented to enhance it. That's the complete launch deck from Honda Japan's information desk. What do you think about the 2021 Honda PCX and its entire range? Do you think it makes sense for Honda to launch a PCX 150 and PCX 160 with such a small difference in engine displacement? Or the new PCX e:HEV which brings hybrid technology to mainstream motorcycles.
    Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
    Thanks for reading!


    Introduced in 1999, the Yamaha YZF-R6 scored its maiden victory on only its second outing with Jamie Whitham in the 1999 FIM Supersport World Championship’s visit to Donington Park. Since then, the Yamaha R6 has won more wins and championships around the globe than we can count.
    Currently, the Yamaha YZF-R6 is offered only in certain markets so this news might be a shock to you if you are from these regions.

    Almost 21 years later, Yamaha announces the homologated R6 will be discontinued next year [Confirmed for Europe and US]. This is because of the slash in sales for super sports across the globe since the market is dominated by bigger capacity sports bikes and adventure/touring machines.
    “With deep consideration of evolving global market trends and regulations that limit production volumes on certain models, the following Yamaha models will be discontinued after the model year 2020: YZF-R6, VMAX, WR250R and SMAX.

    “Yamaha understands the iconic history of these models. Regarding the future, Yamaha is continuously looking at new ideas and concepts to support and expand the market, as well as enhance our customers’ experiences.”  -Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A.
    On the other hand, starting next year Euro 5 emission standard will become mandatory for Europe so this makes things even more difficult for Yamaha. However, Yamaha Europe announced they would offer the R6 as a non-homologated track-only bike called the “R6 Race”.
    Yamaha hasn’t made any announcement for other markets that currently offer the Yamaha YZF-R6.

    However, if these markets were to follow the same, we think the ongoing model of the Yamaha YZF-R6 would go on sale until the stocks run out. In fact, the ongoing R6 model would be sold the same way in the US as the Euro 5 compliance is irrelevant.
    Yamaha Europe says the R6 Race will go on sale for a race-targeted price for track day participants to national supersport championship contenders.
    The Yamaha R6 Race features the same 599cc DOHC liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine that powers the standard R6. In the case of the chassis, the R6 Race gets GP racing developed delta box aluminium frame with balanced magnesium subframe.

    Suspension duties are taken care of by high-spec KYB front forks and KYRP rear shock. The R6 Race also includes traction control, a few ride modes and ride by wire Yamaha chip controlled throttle.
    Yamaha R6 Race will go on sale in Europe starting January 2021. Yamaha also offers R6 GYTR Kit for their customers to enhance their on-track experience.
    The R6 GYTR Kit developed for the R6 RACE includes the following racing parts:
    GYTR race cowling set Akrapovic full race system GYTR ECU set GYTR wire harness set GYTR on/off switch GYTR Interface cable GYTR AIS plug set GYTR ABS emulator GYTR keyless fuel cap GYTR seat cushion Stainless steel brake line set for front and rear Front brake lever guard GYTR fully adjustable race rear set with optional reverse shifting kit Rear sprocket guard (shark fin) Sprocket drive 14T fits 520 chain conversion Rear sprocket, 45 fits 520 chain conversion Sprocket nut set for 520 conversion DID gold race chain 520 conversion Rear paddock stand hooks Paddock stand In addition to all the R6 GYTR features, Yamaha also offers a range of GYTR and Öhlins components to choose from.
    So, what do you think? The Yamaha R6 has been one of the most popular Class 2 sports bike in Singapore due to its good looks and top-of-the-line performance. If the Yamaha R6 is really pulled from production for the Singapore market, what would be the next best choice?

    Let us know in the comments below!

    In recent times, with the influx of food and parcel delivery riders, there has been an increasing number of motorcycles and bikes that park on the pavement while going about their daily task.
    Until recently, this has been widely accepted so long as the bikes are not in the way of pedestrians and do not cause too much of a nuisance. Based on what we see on our forums however, more and more of these parking offences are being ticketed by our law enforcement officers for "illegal parking" offences.

    The case for motorcyclists in Singapore has not been helped recently with an article posted to Stomp, contributed by Stomper "Yap", stating that "If motorcycles can park illegally, then why cars cannot?"
    While we think that we should be gracious to our fellow commuters and residents here in Singapore, and practicing give and take should be the Singaporean way, with more car owners sounding out about the illegal parking practices of us bikers, it will be sooner rather than later that the authorities start to take action.
    What do you think? Should motorcycles be allowed to park at designated pavements areas so long as they vacate within a certain timing? Or should us a bikers look for proper parking lots just like the cars?
    Let us know in the comments below!

    SINGAPORE, June 20, 2017: Nearly half a million motorists woke this morning to discover they’d been slapped with a ‘parking summons’.

    Panic quickly turned to relief, however, when car and motorcycle owners realised they’d been pranked with a fake parking fine.
    The stunt was part of a major marketing campaign by new online insurer Budget Direct Insurance.
    It is believed to be the first time a marketing ploy on such a scale has been attempted in Singapore. Named Operation National Summons, it was planned with military style precision.
    Around a 300-strong team was deployed at car parks across the island. Working throughout the night, moving around like ‘summon aunties’ in a tightly coordinated operation to cover some 2,000 car parks.
    Simon Birch, CEO of Budget Direct Insurance, said he wanted the campaign to be different to the usual traditional insurance advertising tactics. “We wanted to do something that hadn’t been attempted in Singapore before. A stunt that had humour, was cost-effective and would get people’s attention. So we brought our message directly to our target customer.”
    He added: “It couldn’t be a flyer, we wanted to make sure people read it. It looks like a summons, so you’re going to take notice. Your heart is going to skip a beat when you think you’ve got a fine but all ends well.”
    The aim of the campaign is to highlight the insurer’s promotion of ‘Pay Less or get $100’. If motorists get a cheaper quote elsewhere for their car insurance renewal, then Budget Direct Insurance will pay them $100, even if they don’t buy.
    Motorists also got a free breakfast thrown into the bargain with the redemption of their ‘parking ticket.’
    Luke Tay, Creative Partner of Co:hort Communications, who helped create the stunt said the scale of the project was unprecedented and took many months of planning.  He added: “Using parking summons is a direct and relevant way to reach out to motorists. Combined with the chance to save $100, it makes a compelling offer.”
    In a competitive market, Simon Birch, CEO, recognises insurers have to work harder and smarter than ever before.
    He added: “Insurers are having to get more creative with their advertising message and its delivery. We have exciting plans in the pipeline. But at the end of the day, it comes down to price, quality of your product and service. Customers save money with us because we don’t pay any agent fees or cover risky drivers. We make use of the latest technology and invest in our customer service and claims people who are all based in Singapore. These are the things we’ll win on.”
    To register for this promotion, visit www.budgetdirect.com.sg/promotions.
    Visit www.budgetdirect.com.sg for a quote today.
    About Budget Direct Insurance
    Budget Direct Insurance is the trading name of Auto & General Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Limited, which is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and bound by the regulations and requirements for insurers.
    Budget Direct Insurance was built as a digital start-up here in Singapore, and it is part of BHL Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (“BHL Group”), a privately owned, global group of companies whose principle businesses are insurance underwriting, direct insurance distribution, broking and related services and online comparison.
    The BHL Group provides insurance solutions to millions of policyholders across several countries. The BHL Group includes one of the largest direct personal lines insurers in South Africa, one of the largest personal lines intermediaries in the United Kingdom and the Budget Direct brand in Australia.

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