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  1. i m sending my bike to combine for checked up..n im using contact points..hope to meet you guys soon...
  2. maybe oso ...cause that time mechanic got do some adjustment on my contact points..btw i oreadi charged up my batteries ..still cannot start..Marco you got Combine Motor contact wanna ask em to tow my bike there leh........sianz
  3. actually it happened few weeks back, when my bike suddenly stalled n it refused to start again..i changed the plugs n charged the battery..managed to start.Then eversince that engine stalled incident, everytime i parked my bike, got difficulty reviving it,i would be sweating first from numberous times of kick starting only then it will idle for awhile n died again..sianz i will charged up my batt again tomolo ..n see how
  4. hey guys, just checking with you guys...what does it mean when yr spark plugs burnt out with a lot of carbon very 'chao ta' kind.does it cause by yr engine?piston ring loose is it?or valve problem?
  5. this babe don just look good i heard it can give the other 350s maybe even 400s a good run for their money on the road..performance upz
  6. hey scary leh piston jammed..how come ah?i tot you just did overhaul not long ago?
  7. Originally Posted by mainoot Singapore Vintage Bike Outing Date: 02 Feb 08(Sat) Time: 9.30pm Place: KKFC 1. Marco -cb350f 2. Roger - CB250N 3. Jonathan - CB400 FOUR 4. RICK -CB550(SHOULD BE ABE TO JOIN U GUYS) 5. Chris - see bee sar bak gor foorh 6. Yan-cb350f 7. 8.
  8. Full Metal Jacket Vintage Riding Session It's time to vroom down town and paint the town nostalgic.....Let's ride.....Cheers.......... Date: 19th Jan 2008 Saturday Location: The new location at queensway. Meeting Time: 8.00 pm Talk kok sing song time :between 8 - 9 pm Action time: 9.00 pm 1. Grimeca 2. Marco 3. Rick 4. Chris 5. Chris2 6. Yan 7.
  9. marco, just now just an exact same 750 at amk next to kim keat AT plate..but too bad its for export the guy at the shop told me..
  10. hey dude thx for the compliment..haa..haa but i guess chris bike more works..run very fast
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