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  1. Same here. I'm not that good too. Organ: have many more pedals on the ground level to use and also have a variety of sound effects. The keys I think are not weighted. The key pressure is same as keyboard. Piano: just have keys that are weighted and no extra effects. Electric Piano: have some sound effects and the keys are weight just like the piano. That's it in general. I have a Korg B-1 electric piano and have limited sound effects of organ, harpischord, etc.... Also the keys feel like a real piano and the volume is adjustable. I hope this helps.
  2. No. I'm riding a Honda VTX 1300S® in Australia. For 2007 model, I hope that the gears have been changed to straight cut because they put helical cut gears and there's lugging on the 5th and 6th gears.
  3. gohjohan

    Honda PCX 150

    I think it's more of a sports scooter.
  4. Yes Silent Hunter. I've been there for 7 years now. I'm glad that you're back on the bike again. May you have many continuous safe rides. I also ride defensively and watch for the traffic around me. That's how I've been surviving in Singapore when I was riding there.
  5. I have Ride 2 and quite realistic with the handling. Ride 3 is out but I'll wait for the price to go down and then get it.
  6. So did I. This thread suddenly popped up. I'm still hoping to do a Perfect Grade Gundam, maybe a RX-78 model since it's quite basic to start off. Problem is I have no space to store the model when I'm done, so I'm not getting it for now.
  7. Awesome! Which year model is it?
  8. If this bike is as good as my previous bike, it's going to be a good buy indeed
  9. Should be all good. What goes around will come around. I'm sure someone will help you when you're in need!
  10. Rosli of RS Bike Shop passed away from an accident in Malaysia. He was with his wife and daughters when it happened and they didn't survive. What bugs me is I could have seen him when I was in town last year but I decided to postpone the visits because I keep telling myself "He'll always be there and best to visit his shop on Mondays when he's more free and hopefully I can make time on Mondays" So I went about my business and returned back to Australia. With regret that I didn't make time to visit him, I'll definitely make time to see his sons when I return. I don't know when that will b
  11. well, I threw away the very old ones but I still kept the last ones in Singapore. The old ones in Australia, I'm still using them. I know, I should change
  12. Everyone changes during a relationship. Some for better, some for worse. Best wishes to your relationship
  13. My 1st class 2 bike that I owned is a 2004 Honda Shadow 750 Aero. I miss that bike because it's so reliable. Spent lots of money to do up and I have lots of memories of this bike going rounding with different groups. Had to sell because I moved to Australia. Edited to add: I would like to participate in the poll but I don't understand the question and the choices given
  14. And being that parent, I wish I can see my son riding on the roads. My wife forbids him to get his license, let alone a motorcycle.
  15. Playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands on PS4
  16. I hope that Alvin's still there. He's one of my favourite mechanic who worked on my Shadow
  17. That's a very long time to be asking. Getting the bike and proving yourself is the hardest step
  18. No need to follow. They finished long time ago and the manga, also has concluded.
  19. I smiled when I had a pay increase
  20. I didn't know about dental benefits. If not, I would have done that last year
  21. gohjohan

    Honda PCX 150

    500km is a very long time. I was sure at least 100km is alright
  22. Try another brand or bring eye drops for contact lenses. I don't believe in lasik for now, so I have to stick to contact lenses
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