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  1. Anyone want the 250+ page shop manual, PM me an email address and I will send it to you via wetransfer.com
  2. 250+ PAGE HONDA TA-200 SHOP MANUAL. Anyone want the shop manual for their Phantom? In English. I just discovered wetransfer.com and can send it. Just PM me an email address and I will send it(since I don't own a Phantom anymore) I now have a 2002 Honda CMX250 Rebel that I have restored.
  3. Bobber look? A company in America called Blue Coller Bobbers does bobber things and some might be adaptable to the Phantom
  4. I've got the manual on CD. I'm not much at computes. Is there a way I can send it on the internet. I think its too big for an email attachment.
  5. I took all the emissions off of the carb (I can do that here in Cambodia), and fiddled with the jets, but still can't find a good balance. The carb is 28mm and I believe that is the problem. Not enough air flow. I ported, polished and relieved the intake/exhaust ports in the head to a much larger size since I was going with a high-lift/long-duration cam and have gone to 223cc. I'm looking at a flat-slide 30mm carb on aliexpress. One guy in Siem Reap has gone to a bigger carb from a Honda XL230 that is bolted directly to the head and has gotten more power and good results. Bolting the carb directly to the head, I would be worried about heating the fuel in the carb, but he says he has had no problem. See: Facebook, Phantom Riders Cambodia.
  6. I've been doing a little riding and breakin of the SuperPhantom. Man! Its a 223cc bike that thinks its a 500cc bike. With the porting/polishing/releaving, carb upgrades, BBR Motorsport high performance cam and CDI/hot coil it really moves. With the CR Saddlebags duel exhaust that gets rid of the Cat the exhaust note is great. While you can't have the duel exhaust in Singapore, I'm sure the BBR CDI/hot-coil and BBR Motorsport hot cam would be an up grade that would pass your emission tests and wake up the Phantom. (no Emissions here in Cambodia and if you ride a 125cc bike or smaller, no license.)
  7. Yes duel exhaust. Its from Chiang Rai Saddlebags in Thailand, but I don't think they make it anymore. I didn't like the fiberglass packing it came with and installed real motorcycle muffler fiberglass packing/wrap. It sounds really good and gets rid of the restrictive Cat. Have taken it out on a couple short rides and it really moves for a 223cc bike, that is a 223cc full race engine bike. Its a 223cc that thinks its a 500cc. All the mods really make a difference.
  8. If you go to YouTube and type in "Honda TA200 Phantom high performance" there is a video of the Super-Phantom running.
  9. Between thunderstorms I finally got the 223cc Super/Monster Phantom on the road. Its not broken in yet and I only had a few minutes, but it really wanted to take off. The combination of bigger cc-CRF230F parts, BBR Rev Box CDI, BBR Hot cam and the head work really make a difference. The Barnett clutch is oh so smooth. I can't wait for some dry weather to put some miles on it and see what it can really do. BTW/ Living in Cambodia sometimes has its advantages over Singapore (not many, but some),I was able to take off all the emissions. I drilled, taped and plugged the emissions in the head and took off all the hoses/plugged the carb holes.
  10. I was asked for a guess on HP, so I took a guess using my mechanical background (Marine Engineer, Diesels to 6000hp, steam to 35,000hp building/rebuilding cars/motorcycles). Its only a guess. Personally I could care less about HP etc. It was a project to keep me from getting bored in retirement. Carb: I drilled the relief hole in the top of the slide for better response and the thin washer under the slide needle trick since no one I know makes a carb hop-up kit for this carb. (Dyna-Jet is usually my go to company.) Later after some running I will play some more with the jetting. Since it is still monsooning here,(Cambodia) I'm not really going to take it out for test rides yet.
  11. The Super/Monster Phantom is finally finished. Look more pictures and details on my thread on this build.
  12. The Super Phantom is finally finished. Although monsoon rains keep me from riding it, its alive. It took over one and a half years to complete (time out for shoulder surgery). It is bored, stroked, head is ported polished, and relieved. All emission controls have been removed, duel exhaust installed and carb upgraded. It has then following New head (ported, polished, relieved) New valves Heavy duty BBR Motorsport valve springs (CRF230F) High performance BBR Camshaft (CRF230F) New piston/rings (Honda CRF230f) New cylinder (CRF230F,223cc) New crankshaft/rod(CFR230F) New bearings/seals Completely new transmission Barnett clutch BBR Motorsport Rev Box CDI(CRF230F) New valve train (CRF230F chain, etc) CR Saddlebags duel exhaust CR Saddlebags hard cases CR Saddlebags crash bars Driving lights.(lots of new wiring) Big Bad Max air horn (new wiring) Skull tail-light.( Almost had to re-wire the whole bike to install this) Skull n' Bones license plate holder (relocated from stock position) Chromed n' flamed tank with 10 coats of clear coat. New 13k tachometer Skeleton mirrors CR Saddlebags foot boards K&N air filter Shorty Gas shocks 150/80-15 back tire Custom air deflectors New brake systems
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