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  1. bro isit original or OEM?
  2. haha u saw me ah? XD lol!
  3. No le, not hot at all, from toh guan to sembawang, I don't really feel the heat.
  4. me XD bike collected, ride for 3 days and I really love it a lot! power is enough already for Singapore.
  5. nope bro, XD is okay for me.
  6. bike collection on monday, i will update u guys how i feel of about the handlebar too.
  7. Ya bro! Got it from ASP today. went to toh guan ASP Ytd and asked don't have, today called me only come one. Coz already got booking Liao and a few people are queuing for this bike in his book. By the way I tried this and NC750, still prefer this bike. Dunno why
  8. Really ah! Haha Walau don't poison me le! 😂😂😂 sure Man someone create we join! shall have a meet out soon!
  9. Bro I was told that this bike don't have any aftermarket pipe yet, the pipe u mentioned is for Yamaha R3. U better go get a cert first if not summon very ex le. I just got mine by the way. Just went for deposit already
  10. i predict this bike soon will be like super 4 aready lah haha! i think i can tahan the break in! been riding at those speed for years! ya im quite surprised the back tyre is smaller than super4 and same size as fz16. going to save this so next time break in can refer back!
  11. paiseh forget to reply, they said need to wait 1-2months from agent, same goes to loois motor. no news from them til now
  12. Thanks a lot for the information! In other countries got red colour bro. Not sure if he is saying this
  13. Thanks a lot bro! Yes as expected the FC should be around there. My hand usually not itchy so I'm expecting near 30km/L. Haha thanks for the clarification! Ya if I get the new bike, please advise me how to break in properly ya! Ya now is a era that every manufacturers are making the bike with very good fc( protect the environment right I suppose). Correct me if I'm wrong, the tyre is smaller compare to super 4. Contribute lesser weight to the bike I guess. Everyday need to travel around 50km, so this bike suit my needs
  14. Ya lor, machine is cheap, no choice COE bring up 60% the price of the machine
  15. 25km/L is achievable for this bike after some research Mai lah scooter haha still prefer street looking cheers!
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