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  1. Hi guys, I have an old Revit raincoat that served me well for years. It has started to leak and I'm looking to replace it. I like it for being lightweight, breathable and compact when packed. However, it seems like there aren't many revit raincoat sellers out there these days. Any recommendations on raincoats that are comparable to revit quality?

  2. Hi anyone still riding this? Would like to know more about this bike and parts. Especially if theres any way to get 90-100kmh smoothly for a 90kg guy


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    nah not possible. Sold my bike already but from what I remember, I had to go full throttle on flat/downslope just to get to 90km/h.

  3. Did you manage to get it done? If so, where and how much did it cost? I'm thinking of ordering an Innovv C3 and get it wired up to my bike.




    Where can I go to get my bike wired up so that every time I start my engine, the camera gets powered up and auto records? Just like a car video camera. I just need a 5V output cable to connect to the camera. The camera can be set to auto record when it is powered up.


    Any suggestions welcome!



  4. When fully stopped using brakes at the stop line, jerk your bike front and back while you kick down from gear 4 at the front lever.

    It'll go to Neutral.


    It's a cycle - N-1-2-3-4-N-1-2-3-4-N


    why will I need to jerk the bike? Also, is it normal for the gear shift lever to be "loose"? Meaning it can wiggle around up and down without the gear getting changed. Is there a way to tighten it?

  5. Hi bros, I just got a spark, trying to get used to the gear shifting. As with normal bikes, when stopping I will keep kicking down until cannot kick and end up stopping in gear 1. With the spark, I tried to keep kicking up but it will go from 2>1>N>4.... so I end up stopping in 4 (if i remember correctly). Is that normal? How should I gear shift? Count the gears and stop at 1 exactly? Any tips?

  6. This thread seems quite dead but shall just try my luck asking here.


    Where can I get a rack/box fitted on a madass? Only at belwin motors? How much will it roughly cost?

    Same for the sprockets 17T 39T. Only belwin motors have them? And how much?

    For regular servicing, any recommended bike shops to go to? I live in the west.



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