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  1. amcm zai? ada baik?

  2. Hello.... Do add us up in facebook at "Super4 Kakis"

  3. hello bro :) kau bawak ver s ehk? i ride super 4 ver s ah bro and kinda need some knowledge abit. hope we can really keep in touch and exchange some tips :D contact me 82372994. thanks bro.

  4. leo77 91962836 i new here cb400 3

  5. haha. That's why they always say trust no one, but yourself.
  6. For revo, cannot alr. Even if you buy from somebody who owns a legal BF, you cannot register it to your bike because LTA has stopped legalising it. Unless you buy the whole bike from the owner. Correct me if I'm wrong guys.
  7. Sorry.. What I meant was, My previous shocks was gazi shocks and owner pasted showa stickers. I bought my 2nd hand showa for 300 from a fellow forumer.
  8. Charging can be two things bro; 1) Rectifier 2) Magnetic coil Be sure to change the right thing.
  9. Yeah, Going there soon to rectify 3 issues though. 1) EO leaking again at top gasket despite just recently (2 months ago) did Top overhaul from him 2) Fork leaking one side (right) despite 2 times of servicing 3) Idling problems The first 2 is corrective measures. Only the last one new prob and need $$$.
  10. Fake showa is actually other brand shocks but owner put showa stickers. hahaha. That time I bought it from a forumer at 300. 2nd hand one though
  11. The thing is I did twice at Ah Fook but it is still leaking. Ah Fook told me my fork spoil. So I'm trying other shops to see if that really is the case.
  12. True laa.. keeping the bike stock according to manual is the best. The mechs are human too mah. Btw, David from Teck thye do front forks servicing also right?
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