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  1. Hi Bro,Let me intro myself abit. I'm Leo, 24 this year, a Chinese guy. Well I'm now waiting for my up coming TP. FOR NOW I am so in love with rs125, planning to get one ASAP even before I pass my license. As.right now I got.some money save with me.I viewed a couple of recent or now seller of rs125. But the words that always coming out from them sound so unreal, afraid of being cheated, it wasn't a small amount of $$$.*I went to view rs125 group chat forum. Read through the post, i guess you re someone who might be able to guild/help me.. i will really really appreciate your effort,Mind we contant through whatsapp. ?Please do me this small favourHelp me guild/ me to a resonable price, performance bike..My number 84998913

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