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  1. most drivers in the neighborhoods are friendly: both incidents happened in bukit batok central neighborhood. driver stopped in the middle of a single lane going towards mscp. i stopped behind him and realised he's letting his pregnant wife alight first. he gave me a "thank you" sign and i nodded. thereafter, a van driver came out of his parking lot abruptly and he realised that i was shocked and he gave me a "sorry" sign. i nodded and left.
  2. this accident also very bad.. ps ps, i think i shd have clarified - i meant particularly last sat afternoon.. lane 2,3,4 closed, car on shoulder, bike on lane 3/ 2, 5m upfront 2 car pileup on lane 1.. RIDE SAFE.
  3. ride safe and safer. yday while riding, 1 bike and 3 cars accident, not sure of the details or if it's 2 seperate accidents. pie 4 lane become 1, jam from west side to just after eng neo.. anyone with more details? thereafter, went through lornie, this blardee idiotic female driver, driving a yellow kia picanto, decided to u-turn INTO the ongoing traffic.. swerved to avoid her.. heng i frequently check no cars in my blindspot..
  4. actually, maybe not - these reckless drivers might only have enough balls to drive in a cage.
  5. actually, maybe not - these reckless drivers might only have enough balls to drive in a cage.
  6. ps, pennzoil ish $30/ 2litres, motul7100 ish $27/ litre - wrong info earlier. i'd say 10w40 vs 20w50 is ald a big diff - 10w40 feels light and responsive, and 20w50 feels very smooth and more "caring" for the engine. gear changing ish very good for the pennzoil.
  7. still fully syn, but at half the price. was using motul 7100 20w50, $28/ litre. now using pennzoil 10w40, $25/ 2litres.
  8. Credit to Lutein sis and her partner! :smile:


    More info here - http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=237725


    Self improvise a plastic cover - prototype la, anything goes, so long u can insert ur camera and it does not budge.


    Incidentally, mine is real light so np. heavier cannot vouch.



    Sew velcro halves vertically on the back (the "hard" velcro half)




    Sew the other halves (actually a lot, 3 strips here) on mesh jacket; horizontally.




    Paste 'em together and u can slot ur handphone in! Trial and error to zero in the aim! Good luck! :lol::faint:


  9. yoz. nokia 5630.

  10. Hi Jack, WHat camera do you use?

  11. yoz, glad u like my videos and that u learnt some stuff. :smile:

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