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  1. I m riding XV1900. Happy to catch up
  2. Bump up - good bike for CNY sale
  3. SOLD Hi, I am selling my Dragstar Classic 400. It is bit older (manufactured Sept 2003 and COE till 2023), but the bike is in good good condition - welcome to come and see/ride. https://singaporebikes.com/bikemart/sg/usedbikes/yamaha_xvs_400_dragstar-46819.html
  4. Hello Please could you advise the procedure of keeping number plate while selling my old bike (but I want to keep the number plate) and buying a new one (second hand bike with existing plate which I won't need). What do I need to do, forms, sequence of events? Many of thanks!
  5. SOLD Selling my DragStar 400 Classic Reg - Sep 2003 80k km COE - Sep 2023 Bike is in excellent condition. No accidents or drops. Well-maintained with reliable engine and no issues in daily usage. Stable comfortable ride, great torque and sound (well a hardcore HD crowd would not count such but I like it). Maintanance done in 2016-2017: new magnetto coil and engine gasket installed, shaft drive serviced, tires and battery changed. I will recomend good reliable mechanic who did all services of the bike last years. Includes 2 large panniers (installed new in 2015) and mobile pho
  6. Hi bro, many thanks indeed, most useful and valuable advise as you had exact experiences which I was asking for. Well, I will consider K1600 more favorable than! Choice of choices :-)
  7. Hello! I am selecting my first class 2 bike. By my frame size (6ft3'') and riding preferences it will be most likely a large tourer. The main usage will be commuting (50km every day on ECP/AYE), weekend spins around town, regular food shopping. Weekend trips to the north will be a bliss of course. Not sure if I should consider going for the most heavy K1600 or limit myself to lighter R1200RT... I realize asking probably silly questions on K1600 aficionados forum but anyway - lets take an objective view. Thus some questions: Did anyone had a chance to ride R1200RT and compare it w
  8. Hi

    Thanks for your response, lets catch up in Ubi sometimes:-) i have some minor questions about bike maintanance (I never had bike before). Many Thanks

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