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  1. Hi,


    Sorry it's late. The handlebar is imported, for any bikes that use the same fork tube diameter as phantom. Yes all transferable.

  2. Hi Ghost!


    Really love the handlebar of your TA150. May I ask what handlebar is that? And if i buy the handlebar, can I transfer whatever that is on my stock handlebar (ie. throttle, mirrors etc) over to the straight handlebar?


    Appreciate your reply!

  3. Yo,


    Sorry just saw ur pm. Singapore Chopper has a very good quality.

    First East Centre Kaki Bukit Road 2 #03-02. But he is one man show, you gotta check with him whether he can do it. Usually very busy.

  4. hi bro,


    do u know which shops can mod my phantom?


    your reply is deeply appreciated.

  5. Bro, thanks for your Info!

  6. Hi bro,


    Sorry to reply very late. Thanks for your interest, but won't be selling for a year or two. Why dont you build your own? Pretty easy, just time consuming. Cheers

  7. Hi bro, any chance you selling your phantom 150? I'm interested pm me. ^^

  8. Hi there,


    It's Honda Shadow VLX600, known as Steed VLX here. It's exactly the same bike as Steed 400cc, except it has larger displacement.


    The bike is not in Singapore, I get it done in Jakarta.



  9. Hey hi,


    I saw your bike, the customised bike. May I know the model? Steed? Shadow? and how to you get it customised?

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