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  1. Just wandering how much would you let your k1200r for $?

  2. Hi, do u guys bring in BMW K1300R??

  3. Hi bro,khairi here..you sold your Fazer6 s2,FBE2585, to bike-production right..now your bike is under me,i just it bought yesterday..can PM your hp number so i could know what are the things need to follow up..or either you can contact me at 97644706..thank alot for the help..

  4. im gonna wrap my chrome exhausts to black.. make it easier to maintain.. wif the rainy season n all... cant stand it having to shine the chrome every now n then...
  5. wah lau.. like dat also can ar.. :sian: goin out now to bkt pj again... hope u can hear my 'roar' later... hahaha...
  6. saw an iron at bukit panjang, senja, jus now.. wanted to say 'hi' but he rode too fast.. wonder if its any of u guys.. also kept seeing this 'masked' black sportster rider at yishun.. also wonder ifs its any of u guys.. since i also wear mask when ridin, we both can only see each others eyes n so we say 'hi' by winkin & raising eyebrows... hahaha.. hope he's not gay & winking at me for some other reaon.. hahaha...
  7. damm.. now i remembered why i hate chrome.. was riding yesterday n get caught in the rain.. reached hm late at nite n didnt take a gd look at my bike... dis mornin i saw all my chromes were 'un-chrome'.. sooo disgusting... spent the whole afternoon 'chroming' back my bike.. especially the chrome exhaust... now i noe y i never see a harley on the road on a rainy day.. hahaha...
  8. I seriously dun hav a clue wad ure talkin bout dude.... who's tony ng??? n ure tony may??
  9. Nvm. i tink i got it... SUMSOON (S) PTE LTD ADDRESS 188, Choa Chu Kang Road, S'pore 689465 TELEPHONE 67655734 FAX 67625281 Rosli at R S Bike Centre Blk 1063 #01-193 Eunos Avenue 4 S(409801) Tel: 6747 8202
  10. throttle, dats freakin oooooold skoooool man.... wad yr was dat???
  11. location of samsoon n rosli???
  12. hey guys.. jus wanna double confirm the shops in sg that does servicing on harley other than the alexandra rd dealership.. I've listed them below.. anymore that i missed out?? 1)sun hogs - turf city 2)custom cycles - kallang 3)sunburst - amk
  13. lets hope no one try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11k_A_yzyfc
  14. sure some of u have seen this video: Is that the one & only way to de-baffle an exhaust?? imho, doesnt really make a diff on the sound.. doesnt sound louder at all (mayb coz of the poor video quality n considering its nt a Harley) n if dat cost me $200, i rather save up n buy an after market exhaust... another thing.. after debaffling the exhaust, will the bike pass the LTA inspection??? ok, found the right video:
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