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  1. Bro ur new ride versy white colour ah? (im the guy riding nc700x red colour same carpark) today park at 2nd level n manage to snap a gd view of Versy,Afrcn Twn,Gtr1400,Goldwng n Nc7.. î•

  2. Bro Izit 1 pair or 1side only?

  3. hi,i just get a R1'10 model :) i would like to make more frens with same bike so i can understand it more too :)

    [email protected]



  4. Hi bro, thanks. Any meet ups sure can. My number is 91793046 Fauzie. My email [email protected]

  5. Oh yea pm me thx --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=1.374983,103.999147
  6. Haha bro, remember me? Btw want to ask u, is there such a thing called stealth lights? Cos I doing my bike to matte black and I have friends telling me go do my meter to stealth type. Dunno what they mean lol --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=1.375096,103.999078
  7. LALALA. you have been MIss by ME now RIGHt NOw! hahaha

  8. Hope everyone lOves their Polo tee. and what a great outing today cheers. hope many more to come haha
  9. HAha when will u guys and ladies be free for a meet up?? maybe we could meet up go eat at changi then after that go changi beach chill at there? haha I will be free from 18 july to 22 july.. next week i working afternoon shift so can't unless after 12 midnight haha
  10. Anyone knows who is Cheng Weng Hong wayne cos i dun have his contact number.... i think he order tru msg on sbf or fb nia.. never give contact number....
  11. so is he maxbg ma? kin kin. i need to put the polo tee one side ma hahaha
  12. tomorrow meeting place everyone know liao ar.... SO far only MI_R1, Maxbg,ironhide not yet reply to my msg for the polo tee tomorrow. if they never reply i not bringing their polo tee down. cos after that we should be going for outing i guess cheers
  13. u maxbg is it? u coming? cos u no reply me
  14. Upz for raceworkz Termignoni exhaust been loving the pipe since i got it from u guys
  15. lai lai la.. bunny hui plan outing la lai lai :P
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