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  1. Hansen: i believed COL did de-link his vfr before he sell it away. JoviLoong: my 5th gen is stock in everyway and i manage to lock the front once and eat the road. Oh about brembo, can check with motorworld. its the GSS now hahaha.... i remember clearly that COL change to CBR 1000 RR Brake calipers... its way way cheaper Roger
  2. Mr Wang Aka Roger how is the painners doing for you? still no goal ARH?
  3. 5th gen are those you see TP /ROV/LTA riding around (1998-2001) 6th gen are those which have the under tail exhaust (2002-now)
  4. best ever 389km before reserve BUT mine is a 5th gen bike so a friend of mine said he prefer the 5th gen posture than his 6th gen
  5. awana hotel got apartment style room like the 1 we stayed in malacca maybe uncle kennenth you wanna try ?
  6. Awana hotel, genting Superior One Room Condo Fri, 21-Mar-2008 Shoulder 270.00 Sat, 22-Mar-2008 Peak 329.00
  7. too suay bah haha than go stay at concorde loh http://www.concorde.net/kl/
  8. alway park the bike infront the lobby if you tell them in advance they will reserve car slot infront the lobby if got lots of bike its a nice cosy hotel just cross the road and its shopping centre liao
  9. SONGKRAN 2008, Hatyai Date: 10 April 2008 - 14 April 08 Day: Thursday - Monday Leave Application: 03 Days* (Thursday, Friday & Monday) Departure Date: WEDNESDAY (09/04/08) Departure Time: 2359 (subject to changes) Meeting Point: TBA Note: Please kindly confirm your attendance latest by 28 Feb 2008 Pending for Leave approval 01) Roger_X11 02) Sky_Walker + 1 Confirmed (Hotel Reservation is CONFIRMED) 01) kennethy + joey 02) zelot 03) wait4me + xiaoxiao 04) RageMyDream + gingin 05) MiCmAsTa + MiCmIsSy Hotel has already get back to me, there is rooms available fo
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