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  1. Haven't brought it to full throttle yet, but my friend managed to go up to 135kmh. Consumption is good. I've managed to average 42kml. However most of my commute is on expressways. Gear changes at between 6 to 7k rpm.
  2. Bike is sold. Thanks for all the views. Even though nobody asked about it....
  3. I found out what the blinking white light is. Gear shift indicator (I thought it was but couldn't be sure). And it can be reset to whatever rpm you want it to blink.
  4. Ok. So I bought the CB150R. Am I excited over it? Not really. Yes it looks nice. Performance is ok for a 150. Posture is acceptable. So what's wrong with it? 1: The manual is in Thai. Don't understand a word of it. 2: The horn button is located above the signal switch. Yes I know many new bikes have this layout, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. 3: To access the battery, the pillion seat, rider's seat, side covers and tank cover must be removed first. 4: To access the spark plug, the side covers and the radiator - yes, THE RADIATOR - must be removed first, and then you have t
  5. Selling 2008 Yamaha TW200 at $1200. One owner. No accidents. COE expires 19/10/2018. Please SMS only to 96877172.
  6. Not really worth it IMO. But not because of legalities. Although the decibel rating is high for the Nautilus, I find it more piercing than loud. Another bigger issue I had with the horn was that there was a delay between me hitting the button and the sounding of the horn. I guess it had to do with the building up of pressure before it could produce a sound. I feel that in a situation where I need to blast my horn, any delay - no matter how short - could make a difference between life and death. So, yeah, perhaps you should consider is it worth it. This is my experience with the Nautilus. Se
  7. Agree with that. So actually I'm quite happy I haven't seen any on the road yet, although my friend said he has seen a few.
  8. Seems like this forum is dying too. Just scrolling through the threads and there seems to be only a handful of posts in 2018. Anyway, high chance I might be getting the Exmotion. See if the COE drops to 5k.
  9. There are places that rent out motorcycles, but I doubt they will rent to a rider who just got his/her licence. I would suggest getting a used bike to build up your skills and experience. Do not put your 2B licence in cold storage and jump straight into riding a Class 2A bike. Chances of losing control over the power of a bigger cc bike is high.
  10. I'm surprised nobody's talking about this bike. I expected it to be hot.
  11. Got a pair of Trekker boxes for sale at $500. Very lightly used. Condition 9.5/10. Can be used as top box, but won't fit a helmet. Sms only please. 9687 7172
  12. Bike is sold. This thread is officially closed. Thank you.
  13. SSDC conducts DRC too. But from what I know, how effective the course is depends very much on the instructor conducting it. Seems like different instructors teach different things. I have encountered instructors who seemed more interested in showing off their skills rather than teaching what is relevant for daily riding. Balancing on a stationary bike? That's defensive??? Personally, I wouldn't go for it. I have attended a defensive course overseas and I find their approach much more effective than what we get in our driving centres.
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