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  1. hey bro... you failed your inspection earlier bcos of LED light? I think i may be in same situation as you also. Ex-owner also heavily mod the bike so now i may have problems on which mod will likely fail. I just bought the bike only 1 month ago and i am not familiar with this bike at all so would you be kind enough to share your experiences? Dylan 90025005

  2. @organiser - May I know where is this place? Fully accessible by bike? And where's the dinner place?
  3. I'm in Malaysia actually. Bike came with it. But as it can be seen, it doesn't improve performance alot, if it even improve any in the first place. But the sound and look of it is nice compared to the boring long straight cylinder. Maybe need to set the carb to really get the extra horses but this is just a transport bike for me in replace of my FJR. May go track with it if there's a chance but won't spend too much on it.
  4. You mean legally? Because there are lots of alternatives for our exhuast. R9, 2 brothers, V4, akaprovic, micron and some others.... Btw, tested my top, 165kph at ~ 12,000rpm. Can't even touch red line. Maybe can squeeze in extra 5kph without carrying my sling bag and wearing a full face but this is good enuf. Ex owner told me 150kph which is disappointing. But thing is, its surprisingly stable at that speed and engine doesn't feel like tearing apart unlike my TZR back in the days.
  5. In singapore, you'll need to have insurance coverage to operate the vehicle. Motorcycles usually only has the main rider and subrider. Legally, without coverage, you can't ride, not even test ride the bike. If you're caught, depends on whether the TP wants to give you/owner leeway.
  6. My ninja is actually in Malaysia. I changed my tires in malaysia actually. I haven't ride a light weight sports bike in a while so I aint sure about the price. My michellin pilot road 2 for my FJR cost me $420 so i thought $320 might be reasonable until I heard what you paid for.
  7. Yoshi cost RM 2140 in Malaysia. Which is about SG$900. Malaysia just came up with the FI version. No worries bro, carbs are pretty much advanced nowadays. Try asking Motorworld for the pricing for your exhaust and see how much they quote you.
  8. Front and back!? Thats Cheeeeeaaaaap! Or its just that I kenna chop. Cuz I don't know the market price of BT45. Now I know... Damn.... I paid like SGD$320.
  9. How much did you pay for it? I happened to use BT45 as well. 140 back and 110 front. I kind of think I overpaid.
  10. How much did you pay for it? I happened to use BT45 as well. 140 back and 110 front. I kind of think I overpaid.
  11. I know this is totally off-topic. I just wanna get some opinions. Can a stock ninja 250 pull off a 3-5s for 0-100kph?
  12. No lah, 70-30 is during e-brake. We are encouraged to use rear more during noirmal riding. Anyway, I haven't exp in-riding brake fade though.
  13. Thing is I dont really need to ride one to know that a max 32bhp bike pulling a 172kg mass can pull off a 4s 0-100kph timing. Thats why i really need to know how you manage to get that. I'm riding one btw... No offence.
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