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  1. u don't have to pay any additional transaction cost. it is just adding u as subrider to the existing insurance policy. if anything, the friend's insurance premium may be a little higher depending on your level of riding experience. if that is the case, its a personal decision whether he wants u to top up or not.
  2. of course there is a scientific difference between 95 & 98. but whether we, as run-of-the-mill riders, can feel this difference, is another thing. whether there is a difference to our engines, is also another matter.. we're not motogp riders, or riding in a lab environment. ride, stop. traffic light. traffic jam. a bit of expressway. a lot of engine idling at the traffic light. whatever additives that supposedly improve fuel economy, or improve power/performance.. won't be felt by us. its a placebo effect I tell u. I have been pumping 95 in sportsbikes n touring bikes.
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