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  1. Have 3 extra set of McDonald's Hello Kitty Ugly Duckling for sale. Local Set Condition: Brand New in Box with packaging. (exact thing that u get at McDonald's minus the Q) Price: $30ea Self Collection @ Bukit Panjang. Sms/Whatsapp: 9745 0577.
  2. LOL u saw ah? Tio spotted.. Post liao then saw that it's the wrong acct mah.. Duh.. u not answering my question lor.. Bleah!
  3. Whats the difference between double n twin?
  4. hmmm thats weird.. TS shld be able to change the title thread ley.. nvm next time try again.. hahaha
  5. can la.. when u go advanced hor u see see the title to edit de.. maybe later screen shot let u see.. haha
  6. Haha.. np.. actually is my boy edit de.. this thread not under my care i no power.. LOL U just need to go to edit post and click GO ADVANCED then can edit title le.. ya lor ya lor.. less work! Wat sleeping one!!! u KIV de meh?? Not auto add?
  7. Interest List 1. Encik Pat + Bor (Super Tenere) 2. BodilyPartsOnTheRoad (DR650) 3. Meat Eater (S4) 4. nikonll (GSR4) 5. M|rac|e + Partner (FJR) 6. interested .. kindly post your interest , single or double , type of bike thank you
  8. i think so.. but even when the bike came with stock brake also i feel that it doesnt really bites.. perhaps tml shld go workshop and see if they have any recommendations also.. thanks anyway.
  9. Hi Guys, I need some help on my brakes. Still using stock brakes now and it sux.. doesnt really 'bites' most of the time gonna use the help of my own leg. anyone has any recommendation on the brakes?
  10. Please refer to the garage sales thread. Thread closed.
  11. The past two days since starting a new job.. i surf net, and msn.. whatsapp and hmm.. surf until nothing to surf.. i went to the bo liao Stomp to read bo liao things.. cuz i am THAT bo liao.. LOL
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