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  1. sounds good.. can count me in..but is it better to put in the Mo section so we can get more numbers easily?
  2. Congrats to Kmax for winning the scoot! (but most shouting, re draw!! when no one responded! ) Hip Hip Hip Hurray x 3 for the organizers, sponsors, crews and not forgetting all those who came down to join in the celebrations! P.S: Hurray to the weird weather too?!
  3. Any one here frequent AGL to change bike parts? Wanna check on rims and tyres..
  4. so qiao! kinda of ba.. i organise the ladies convoy.. u want join? LOL only for ladies nia though..
  5. Love to join u guys since i have nvr been to Port Dickson. Unfortunately, that date is a busy period for me.. Pls do ride safe and enjoy the trip!
  6. TS MIA ah!! Why no more 2B bike trip!! LOL.. i only went for 1 Desaru and no more!!
  7. hello, could you let me in to the ladies' forum too? tried asking once before but there wasn't any reply.


    been riding since april and so far only been hanging out with guy friends. they are fine too but would to nice to have some fellow female riders around.

  8. Hi,


    to join the SBF Lady Riders, please kindly sent a PM to us (me and MoNsTeR^)with your nick, name, and contact no. Do NOT post it here.

  9. Mrace

    Hi there,


    Are you talking about the groups under our nick? if so, we do not have a CBR group..

    If you are talking about the social group, please approach the respective in charge of each group.


    Hope the above solve your doubts.


    Thank you.




  10. FMC

    add me into the CBR group.. Thanks

  11. Hello there! I would like to join the Lady Rider's section please! thanks!

  12. Dear Members,


    If you need any help over the forum, please kindly sent me a PM as i do not check this page often.


    For the ladies interested to join the Lady Riders section, please kindly sent me a PM with ur nick, Name and contact number. Please do not post it here.


    Thank you! :D

  13. Hi! i would like to join the SBF Lady Forum!

  14. yoyoyo!!~~~

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