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  1. Sunny weather,traffic police escort & a smooth 2hr ride within hatyai. Well worth the $500baht register fee.lunch included.
  2. I dun have the detail billing as it a long list bill however if just the black xplorer TC + 40/40 side box + side rack/top rack. Est $2.5k beh
  3. Agree.with the 40/40 combo or infact any bike with side panniers will be harder to lane spilt.haha However I reckon the side box will be use mainly up north and store up the side box while local usage.
  4. Yup,that's the lock-it side rack. Yes,the eox side the bar need a relocation & bracket need a enlargement.both task handle by ah ann & power coat by mtechnik due to the non-stock slip-on.
  5. Ya,the 2011 side rack design has minor change.higher bolt point ,equal distance & soild single piece bar mounting plate. 30L/40R combo price diff is very little as compare to 40L/40R.while since this bike will go up north.may as well just get de 40/40 combo for me.
  6. hope this helps. http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/5138/s10hbhock.jpg
  7. The fact: S10 runs hot .so does the rest of the inline-4/Vee or boxer setup .: It don't help that the radiator & fan is located on the left side cowl.you wouldn't have the hot air blowing problem if the bike are oil/air cool engine or front mount in front of the inline-4/Vee engine. However nothing is as streaming as SGP noon sun w/o cloud above....lol As for engine ice,in my personal butt feel.it just another brand of coolant.it ain't magic & the fan will still turn on during city traffic road or slow slow traffic & stop/Go traffic. Since the bike comes with "free" coo
  8. I reckon handle bar is up to personal preference beh. Shorter bar are good on city street riding. Stock handle was long and sometime hard to squeeze between gaps during traffic. Bar riser will depend on rider build & also whether it touring comfort or off road arm reach. Adjustable Riser like REX riser can offer more adjustment then fix height riser. End of the day,if the setup suit your build/style/purpose.then just do it.
  9. The bike was built to travel.12k km for a year is abit hard to maintain...but well ,thats the local agent term.we can't do much too.lol
  10. Your reflective white/blue pattern on side case no more??
  11. Got mine from HL direct. But not the best price as compare to so well know bikeshop but atless things are handle in the proper manner and no bill shock.
  12. Welcome to the S10 community here. For the fact; 1st(1000km) & 2nd(3000km) Svc will be labour free but payable for filter etc at HL. Bike comes with 6mth or 6000km warranty.if sent to HL for both Svc.the warranty is extend to 12mth/12000km. Run-in; Owner manual say : gentle run-in & no rev beyond 3.9k RPM. Now for actual, I sent mine to HL for 1st Svc,yet to clock 2nd Svc milage. Run-in was done on a round trip to mine city for some yummy food. But this S10 will run smooth when the milage start clocking.
  13. Wow...fishtank? Hope the problem is resolve.hard to say how the water can go in.I assume it bike parked & the rain just keep pouring beh.
  14. It really bolt down to personal preference.some like it bling some like it Matt. It don't matters as long the owner feel happy abt. Some say givi trekker is plastic case(read:monokey) but it value for money & practical too. Some say Zega Pro is over price but the beauty is in the workmanship & thickness of alu. Some say TRAX & Xplorer leak water & feel pastic but it has 2-tone plastic/alu combo & presentable. Some say yamaha original box is slim & plastic but it is match just for the S10 & is a beauty to view.just ignore that it a custom job by Givi(h
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