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  1. https://carousell.com/p/piaggio-beverly-400-tourer-cvt-153010358/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fpan.seller%2F&ref_sId=929139 Original Registration Date : 10 Mar 2011 COE Expiry Date : 09 Mar 2021 Road Tax Expiry Date :09 Sep 2018 Inspection Due Date :09 Sep 2018 Engine Capacity : 399 cc Mileage: 16k ONLY Bought it and serviced by Pan Euro Bikes I kept service record on an excel sheet Changed tyre, timing belt, roller, coolant and routine service recently 1st owner is a foreigner, 2nd is bike shop and I'm the 3rd owner, Mileage is legit, i take MRT to work and leisure ridi
  2. Hi


    May i know how much u selling at?? u can contact me at 92963421. thanks

  3. 6 x Ecomax at $20.80 (FREE 2 Bottles worth $8) and promotion still available after 16th?
  4. Hi,

    Any promotion for new Revo? second hand 2A class bike?

  5. Hi Andy,


    I can't access to open a new thread, please help

  6. Thanks for the info man! Previous owner don't really remember the standard sporket size. Actually my currrent bike in Malaysia is Suzuki Shogun 125 and i love that bike a lot, good quality bike and engine, until now no regret getting a Suzuki. That's why when i was posted here in SG i still looking for a Suzuki cub. My one and only complaint so far is the power band compare to my Sohgun was like my Raider's pickup was "lazy" and need to rev it high for that power but top end was super good. My Shogun pull from 0-120km/h easily but run out of breath around 125km/h. That's why i suspect my spork
  7. Hi guys, I'm new to raider, bought it 2nd hand FBA plate. May i know what's the standard sproket size? Is it the best place to get bike parts from Guan Hoe? My average fuel consumption is 40km/L 100% city riding. How about you guys? Thanks
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