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  1. Hi there bro... interested in your bike. Could you msg me the details at 93804145 ? thanks!

  2. Hi all Adiva ADtre owners-to-be, let's report in here with your nick, color and cc of your AD3 which you have booked. Hopefully can facilitate future meet-ups and share knowledge on the bike. 1.Ben1112 - Matte black/300cc 2.Andre - White/ 300cc 3.Landwaster - Matte black/300cc 4.Sazman - White/ 300cc 5.cayennurff - 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  3. There is AEM UEGO lambda wideband sensor which need to weld a bung in the header. Doesn't work well with 2t thou
  4. Where? I read that the windshield is polycarbonate with a special hardened treatment layer on it. Becareful not to polish away this layer or it will be even easily scratched next time. Also make sure the products used is compatible. How and what to use i dont know.
  5. Almost certainly the disc has warped. Use original.
  6. Hi is yr ride in yellow color? I guess you beat me to the sale, i was gonna view the bike. But happy riding anyway! Now considering going down to MAH to look see. I kinda like the AD150 retro space bubble look than the newer ones.
  7. I heard over the radio the other day about SPC having a new petrol formulation that provides lubrication to the top of the piston. Similar concept?
  8. Hi, regarding your problem most HID kits only run on 10+ to 19v DC. I doubt it will work on AC. What you can do is to install the HID kit directly to battery and add a relay inbetween. The relay has two input poles which you can connect to the existing headlight power. What this does is when u turn on the bike and the power goes to the headlight which is redirected to the relay. Then the relay turns on the switch for the HID to tap power directly from the DC battery source. Hope this helps.
  9. Sry dude, it was not directed at you. I just saw this thread again after a long time and decided to pen my views from experience from then till now.
  10. Hi all, I've been on my 2nd set of HIDs since last posted here. And if anyone is interested in HIDs, my advice is please don't waste your time if you do not have projectors. Firstly, the headlight reflectors were never designed to run on HID, which means the light will be shooting in all kinds of direction which it shouldn't. Some bikes have reflectors that focus the HID better than others which spread it all over, but the bottomline is if it does not have a projector, it will not work properly. Secondly, loss of hi-beam. Some H4 HID bulbs come with a small halogen bulb to act as a hi-be
  11. If you ask me, the child should be as big as the smallest psb approve helmet you can find to fit over his/her head. No point conforming to rules but not safety. For the numbers, someone else here might be able to tell you.
  12. Uncle raden, can fix must weld. But performance will suffer. Been there done that.
  13. Oh. I think he meant CNY la... Chinese New YEAR. Not CNN the news channel.
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