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  1. SMS or call at 9851 7899 to give me your best price for the Aqua Box? ..... Thanks.

  2. dun understand.. pls elaborate..

  3. i only say i might know who you meant but it doesn't mean i know who you meant... i might be wrong anyway... i guess if you wish to contact them, it would be good for them to come back to you... cheers...
  4. i think i might know who you meant...
  5. heyo! welcome to the fazer family... motoWorld got sell headlight protectors... i think the price should be around $45 if i didn't remember wrongly... just following the owner's manual can le... should be under the section maintenance & adjustment if i didn't remember wrongly...
  6. busy days! at last i can take a break for the weekend! it's riding day 2moro! woohoo! wow bro! nice vid! but i know your wheelie & stoppie already win Chris! woohoo! nevertheless, ride hard! but ride safe as well!
  7. no din ask... cus i got my stuffs fixed already by then...
  8. try google-ing in travel related stuffs in SBF section... i think i did came across a thread or two talking about these...
  9. that is the immobilizer positive wire... i can't rem wad color code is that... gonna check the service manual... or ask ur trusted mechanic... but certainly once ur immobilizer if off, your immobilizer indicator on your instrument panel will not be functioning...
  10. that key shop beside LAB can only duplicate... he duno how to do re-coding... i asked before...
  11. as per my knowledge... for bikes that comes with the ignition security system (YISS for yamaha, HISS for honda, KISS for kawasaki, etc etc), there's a chip in the plastic part of the key which 'talks' to the ignition security system of the bike... if the codes tally, then you can start your engine... you can always buy the key from anywhere, with or without the chip... without chip ones can be found in online webs e.g eBay... with chip ones can be bought mainly from its agent... to get the chip alone from outside, it's usually around S$5-S$10... honda bikes are said to be currently th
  12. like that ah... hmmm... like that can i have the turbine of a blackbird like his? http://host.trivialbeing.org/up/transformers-20090528-power-up-prime-cg.jpg
  13. home tools lo... or u can get it at any DIY shops... actually there's nothing much of disadvantages if you do it correctly... of cus if u over-drill or over-cut or over-file, u would gonna need to do repair or replacement already... hehehe...
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