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  1. bro am interested in ur kr parts and fairings....... sms or call me at 91832653...... if sold u plz update me so i wont put hope on u.... haha

  2. msg me i wan kr parts at 82113624

  3. Da kna camtu korg tk gi kdai tu alik ke, smpai je kau amik ah hammer 5 pound ketuk kat kpala mechanic. Overhaul apa smpai $600? Dorg mod motor dia kaper? Part handle bar korg report je kdai kebas ke amik tanpa pengetahuan korg.
  4. Betul tu, jgn kata kna pancung ke rip-off, silap complete ngn kna cincang skali sak
  5. Fuuyoo, kalau part blanje ni kan, consperm sume2 yg sewaktu dengannye pun nak pegi jugak iye
  6. I tink i noe wat u mean. Maybe wat actually happen is dat their centre panel clip give way as in it breaks dats y it cant be in place and split apart. Maybe one of dis days we cld all try to arrange for an outing 1st to get to noe each other and then subsequently organise another mit-up for us to learn more bout da bike. Cheers and have a safe ride.....
  7. Wow, its gd if u r learning more tru experience. Juz got back from reservist la bro and lap-top rosak lak so dats da reason y lama tak log-in. So wat happen to u, y da injury? Hope u r doing fine and can ride again soon. Take care bro and have a safe ride aitez.......
  8. Hi guys, it's been a longggg while ever since i last post here, so hw's everyone. I notice we have asome new comers here too. Welcome, hope u enjoy ur stay here and at da same time manage to make new frens and share some tips bout our bikes. Wow, looks like Costar nw got so many lobang bout bikes stuff huh, power ah lu bro. Acha, hw r u, last time i heards u met wif an accident. Apa la buat malu je tanye soalan pandai kat forum, experts kat tampines ada leh tanye pe. Clown, tk cukup2 ke nk tukar spare parts? Simpan je duit tu buat internal modification lagi baik. Kalau nk "jack bon
  9. Lain mcm je "virgin day" apa kata kite sume gi bowling, orite tak???
  10. Assalammualaikum sumer kanak2 stowberi, apa khabar org2 kampung kat sini? Da lama gak aku menghilangkan diri, maklum lah nga sibuk sket. Kepada org baru kat sini, slamat dtg dan semoga anda dpt kawan2 baru serta dpt lah mempelajari apa2 yg patut daripada org2 lama kat sini iye. Mcm2 kisah korg bincangkan, dari soal kluar beramai-ramai, t-shirt yg hampir siap dan yg tk siap hinggakan kisah arwahnye Ah Meng. So, wats da next plan???
  11. Good question bro, i saw it a few time last yr when i visit my fren, not sure if its still ard now but u can still try
  12. Sori bro, wat bike did he have, is it d RD 500 or d 350??? How come he have 4 of it, juz curious dats all.
  13. Bro, upzzz for u. Those bikes that u mentioned are really hard to get now, especially d RD500. Test ride it b4, n it was so damn powerfull. Last i saw this bike is sumwhere ard chai chee area nearby Blk 43. Maybe u cld try to chk it out.
  14. Yupz, maybe u r lucky enuf dat time and luckily da TP or ROV is not ard to notice dat u don't hav IU on ur vehicle. But most of the bike dat have dis privilege dat i noe are the RXK, how come ah? If were to work as a despatch rider, i'm sure to get RXK, save my ERP charges hehe........
  15. I don't noe how true bout dis but one of my frens riding rxk and he still pass tru da gantry for free. Lucky for him ah.
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