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  1. Hi, I just bought Super four version s, yesterday I was riding out off sudden it slowly power cut off. When I tow to bike shop, they told me coil going to spoil. They said version s got no more spare parts already. Is that true? They told me must import from Japan and it cost $490.

  2. Hi admin, im still unable to do posting,share and view pics.How do i go about with the problem?pls help.thanks

  3. any shop having the latest Michelin Pilot Rd3 ? what might the damage be ?
  4. mine kicks off when the temp. reaches 105 and will cut-off once the temp. down to 96 .
  5. hi lemon97 bro , you might wanna change the radiator cap first and at the same time , have your cooling system flush before doing any mod . :angel: totally agreed with WingZero bro . so far so good though .
  6. memandangkan baju sudah hampir siap dan Ramadhan akan kunjung tiba , perlukan cadangan ... - adakan gathering dalam hujung bulan Jul sebelum puasa ? - iftar dalam bulan Ramadhan berserta membahagikan baju2x ? - lokasi iftar tahun ini ? * Hjh Maimunah masih mengadakan Buffet Ramadhan .Tingkat 2 telah diubah suai :dot:
  7. i guess Mr Orgyniser have the answer to your wondering question . :dot:
  8. just wondering how was the durian buffet ? any pics taken to be share here ? or any thoughts to be share ? :dot:
  9. mei yo wenti .. nothing to be taken seriously , bro .. ... Mr. Orgyniser See U When I See U Tomorrow ... txs for your reply Mr. Orgyniser .. will let my uncle's neighbour know about it .
  10. nothing is free , bro . mind you ... even those who were there and not testing the durians , paid their share for the damage. i guess the camaraderie that matters most apart from the durian testing . :cheers: * Mr Orgyniser , just wondering if last minute others are interested , can they come , pay and join the durian buffet ? hope you can advise on this .... tx in advance.
  11. DM

    send me the url

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