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  1. Unlikely to be stopped. Had it for years on my S4RS.
  2. Am looking to purchase a set of paddock stands for the S4RS. However, I have rear sliders. Anyone with experience where to purchase this? Motoworld looked at me incredulously when I told them it's single swing arm. Weird.
  3. Oh well....how much more farkups can we take? hahaha
  4. Is that true? Where were u caught and time? Cause I am riding these few days and u r scaring me....
  5. No more...or r u referring to those pair of titties? 8)
  6. You could have stopped and say hello.... most were lady riders, one gay rider on a Honda VFR...the rest guys on a BMW K1200S and a Duc S4RS. 8) http://lh4.ggpht.com/_Vlb4atw5Ywo/SOGsdBYOoSI/AAAAAAAAAMQ/1SxV7wuZP-k/ducati_girl_052.jpg
  7. We saw u today at Tong Aik. You rode on pavement w/o helmet!!!! Dodo was shouting out for u......
  8. Bro, ride safely. Still young and whole life ahead of u 8-)
  9. Anything for you! I know things that will bug us until we solve it...!
  10. Happy man for $60! Sorry bro that the arrangements this morn was not what we expected hehehe
  11. I like this...I really do! http://sadealers.thesaweb.co.za/news/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/f2c13_Heavy-Pillion.jpg
  12. Ask Ronald aka Dryice to help lah!
  13. Dinie, you really know your terms WELL....RTF...BBBJ.....GFE..... so can you give us some feedback? All along, I thought they said u r gay!
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