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  1. Yes, the Revo has VTEC the same as spec 3. The only things Honda added to the engine was a catalytic converter & fuel injection. I think the VTEC is active at slightly different RPM's
  2. Check sprockets are standard, 15T front and 44T rear. I run 16T front and 40T rear, it really helps with fuel consumption. From a drag start at the lights of course it is a bit slower 0-100kph Or maybe the air filter is dirty? Big improvements are usually down to the rider. A heavy right hand drinks fuel. Try riding more smoothly and shifting gear sooner. Less fun but you may live longer:angel:
  3. I think your bike is OK. VTEC operates all four valves at 6,300RPM in gears 1st to 5th and 6,750RPM in 6th gear. I'm like you and don't notice the sound change, just the screaming of the engine as the rev's rise. One thing you will notice when using VTEC a lot is high fuel consumption. Good choice for a bike, I really like mine. P.S. this forum seems to have lost all its members for some reason?
  4. Valve service can be expensive as it is quite time consuming. Expect to pay around $350 for this. I would get a second opinion, it could still be cam chain rattle, the tensioner adjuster could be siezed?
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