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  1. On behalf of my friend, I am looking for 2 X Sportster, budget is 10K each. Thanks
  2. Congrats to you for getting a harley.
  3. I believe with the exception of stock pipes, even SE pipes or even 49 states are enough to irritate the neighbours
  4. I would like to add on to what designer dude said, it is actually cheaper to own a Harley then a Japanese Bike, trust me. You can almost forget about rusting chains as it is belt driven, Jap bikes often have to change tensioner and cam rods and it is a little ex. Servicing is about the same. If not, slightly cheaper.
  5. Ah Fai. Would like to enquire how much you bought your Wide Glide for? Thanks
  6. Free towing by Liberty will only be offered when you get comprehensive insurance from them. $80 for towing is too much, I only paid $50 when I towed the fat boy.
  7. Don't worry, Screamin' Eagle II pipes are engraved with Harley Davidson, the TP/ROVs can't differentiate between SE II & the originals. I got stopped once too. P.S: Get 49 states if possible.. They sound better then SE
  8. What I understand is that the later models 06,07. You need not buy the chips everytime you add slips-on..(Not full system) It is automatically tuned. So you save a little moolah. I hope I am not mistaken. P.S: Ah-Fai: Last Saturday, I saw a Z1000 zoom pass Park Mall, late evening. Were you the one? Yer pipes sounds terrific.
  9. Am I entitled to YOUR NEW RIDE?
  11. I saw you at Sunset way.
  12. Are you the guy riding a dragstar with Apes with a chrome helmet with a pillion?
  13. Wow, It's really been quite awhile...
  14. Wah lao ah... Dun have... Check PM. Thanks
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