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  1. Hi bro, can tell mw about your hugger. Am interested.


    Arrow or normal, condition?


    Where to view?

    Got pic even better.

  2. Hey man, I told my friend about your gold bra and he told me he just got it the from you.


    Anyway, I live in tampines too and I am interested in your hugger, can view?


    sms me 97831232, thanks

  3. Hey bro I am keen on the box. How many litres is the new one? can put 2 full face?

    sms me @ 97831232

  4. Hey guys, how can you tell that the fork is leaking? And where is good to service suspension, how much? Thanks in advance...
  5. Hey bro, no idea i suggest you try calling them ... 67476774
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