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  1. Hello guys.


    At low speed between 2500rpm to 4000rpm, there seems to be a lot of vibrations on the bike. After passing 4000rpm, silky smooth.


    Went to Motorsports and was advised that they can clean the CVT, but the problem will come back very soon. To solve the problem, change to Dr. Pulley 17gram rollers. Did a bit of research and found out our stock rollers are also 17grams!


    Changing to Dr. Pulley will make a difference even with same weight? I was under the impression that lowering to 15grams will improve performance, but using the same weight? Anyone experience this can share?

  2. Hi guys, asking all... Last monday I went to change engine oil plus oil filter... But what I was told every oil change need to change gear oil too... Since it's my first time since I bought this 2nd hand bike mileage at 35k, I change as told... So just asking do we really need to change gear oil every time change engine oil. What I know for the oil filter to be change at interval.


    Gear Oil is transmission fluid? should change every 10k according to the manual

  3. During the last couple of month's I found a view other PDF's :


    Download my 5.45 MB Rar-Archive and Unpack

    Url.........: http://www53.zippyshare.com/v/13057256/file.html


    3X PDF + 1 HQ pic.


    * Xciting 400i_QuickReference_v1 (English 'nice one')


    * Wiring-Diagram Xciting400i (English & in color)


    * XCITING_400i_SK80AA(PL) (English parts manual)


    * 1 extra HQ picture included from the Pearly Black edition



    I am still on the hunt for: Service manual/full-repair manual... Anybody yet?


    Kind regards,




    Hi Guys,


    File to the link is dead. can anyone share a copy? Actually looking for a copy of the owners manual



  4. Here is the price if you buy the item(s) yourself :thumb:


    Original Belt

    - P/N: 1B01L4A01

    - Model: LX40A1-6 $160.00 @ Weda


    Original Rollers

    - P/N: 22121-L4A-000-A

    - Model: LX40a1-6 $60.00 @ Weda


    Oil Filter

    - P/N: 15400-L4A-0002 $15.00 @ Weda

    - Suzuki Burgman/DR200 $10.00 @ Mah Kecik Dunlop Street


    Gear oil

    - 75w-140 Redline $20.00/l @ Autobacs


    Engine Oil

    - Agip Fully Syn 10w-40 $21.00 @ Jalan Besar Plaza Vespa Shop


    H1 Bulbs

    - 6000k White 55w $20.00/Pair @ My CMO..hehe


    Max correct me if i am wrong on the price of the belt and the shop name :D

    Maybe you guys can input cheaper pricing and shop name too :thumb:


    The belt even cheaper here... $145 after currency conversion at the moment. Anyone buy before?



  5. Hello everyone,


    I have been riding a street bike for over a year. Managed to get my 2A license and now thinking of getting a scooter. Kymco Xciting 400i, Yamaha Majesty, Burgman, Maxsym 400i, etc.... you know what i mean.


    So I went to Kymco at Ubi and manage to ride (for about 100m) a used Xciting 400i. To my surprise, the bike was too heavy, tall and wide for me. I can understand how a 400cc bike is bound to be heavier (and the tank was almost empty...imagine a full tank!)


    I was sitting with my back on the lumbar support and I could barely keep one foot on the ground to steady myself, much less both feet.


    However, I have seen enough riders who are shorter than me riding these maxi scooters... how do they manage? I'm of average ht of 175cm tall. I think the taiwanese bikes should fit most asians?


    And how do you get comfortable when you need to do an emergency brake? One a street bike, I can immediately put a foot down to balance myself. I can't imagine trying to tip toe like I was on a scrambler.


    I hope the seniors can show me a path towards the light. I really like the looks and the storage space of these maxi scooters. I just hope I can handle one.

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