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  1. i'm interested in getting ur watch ..


    can u sms me at 90177727 alan here.

  2. 3chUn

    Yamaha YZF-R6

    wow, if outing all can come out would be a HUGE group
  3. 1. sibingai vote hanzi & amba 2. OhMiGosh vote hanzi (black) 3. RAKz vote Sapitos 4. ettaque vote hanzi & amba 5. Shawn vote Sapitos 6. Lamerfornica vote Sapitos 7. mich vote all 3 cuz all also nice. 8. nihaoma vote sapitos & hanzi 9. [email protected] vote all 3 10. yanani vote all 3 11. snakeman vote amba (white) 12. Barongan78 vote all 3 (any color will do) 13. non stop racing vote hanzi. 14. rein voted don know wat the design is. (white or black) 15. AR2 Performance vote All 3 is GREAT (black, followed by red) 16. HamsterZ voted Any design as long its black or red 17
  4. i also like it.. but if in US dollar better
  5. RYANS also very clever ppl now old bird liao =D
  6. got ppl try to steal my bike at there b4 =X but is my krr, got ppl used key anyhow poke until my bike can start without key =.- but luckly when i go back my bike still there.. i only went off awhile lor..
  7. 3chUn

    Yamaha YZF-R6

    i just looked down from my hse i think my bike got a red led blinding .. why huh?
  8. he is the super4 tat time with GF when we went JB eat seafood the other time.. LOL~ no lar , cos wanna try out different bike mahz.. he like to link others together , so he got bigger gang =X LOL~ aiya , class 2 bike if for road use all abt the same de its the matter of BALLS.. pick up 600cc might not lose , toking abt top end on sg road is see who dare to maintain their throttle who win.. LOL~ i buy 600cc cos i can't handle it already i poser also buy nice nice put there action only =X haha.. for ROY is different he racer , " A BIKE OF ITS OWN CLASS"
  9. i change at KnT $55 workmanship very good
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