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  1. Nice bike
  2. anyway anyone tired the Msia Maxxis Supermaxx Diamond tires ? any review ? please share.
  3. i dun intend to mod , just keep it stock and ride just hope dun get poison too deep by you guys. haha
  4. i brought a 12 years old , 1 owner stock SP.. i think whole sg 1 and only. LOL~
  5. ok btw thanks , but i try quote online they dun cover SP.
  6. i stop riding for quite sometime already . and i got no ideal which company is cheaper at all. lazy to check ard , tats why asking here
  7. hi guys , just brought a SP & wonder which insurance company is cheaper? any ideal ?
  8. thx for the info. may i know where u got this price from ? anyway how is this bike on the expressway? having problem over taking ? and issit stable ??
  9. hi everyone , i have quit riding for quite sometime already. now planning to get a FZ16 as a transport . lazy to read back every page . can anyone share with me the latest price update of this bike w/o insurance ? or where is the cheapest to get this bike ?
  10. 3chUn

    Yamaha YZF-R6

    waiting for u to accompany me hahaha tis mth maybe going with my frens again.. waiting for them to confirm the date with me.
  11. tyga wedsite can get . nice and cheap
  12. 3chUn

    Yamaha YZF-R6

    dun so humble =X i know how fast u are.. LOL!
  13. FZ32A .. is my fren ex bike.. nvm i got the guy already.
  14. 3chUn

    Yamaha YZF-R6

    mistaken case .. PEACE now nono, i seldom ride to work anyway thx for ur help bro.. hope to see u on track again .
  15. 3chUn

    Yamaha YZF-R6

    haha, if the rider ytd is as fierce as u i got nth to say =X LOL! anyway thx bro
  16. cb, very tulan .. today ride PGM out ! on my way home kena disturb be a R6 no. plate FZ32.. after work i was riding slowly relax around 100km/h he sudddenly come very close me and open! den he waited for me and show me the hand sign "let u go first" and smile at my ride! ccb! tat stupid malay rider think he own a R6 very big Fxxk! if anyone know him pls PM me !
  17. 3chUn

    Yamaha YZF-R6

    any bros here know the rider of a R6 no. plate FZ32 ? pls PM me thx =)
  18. i lazy , u keep first.. when i need i call u .. LOL , tis 2 weeks very busy
  19. dunno lei , nv ride den sell lo .. put there still must always go warm up.. lazy! if can't fetch good price den i keep the bike lo.. cos put there rot might as well sell the bike get a good watch can wear everyday
  20. selling my PGM4 due to not riding. any1 interested PM me
  21. cos at ah huat so long .. dead there cannot start cannot move !!!
  22. haha, my PGM is alive.. wooOOO , today ride to work come back become wet chicken!
  23. haha , can .. later i bring u go bank take bank loan 12 mth interest free .. wan ?
  24. buy buy buy! u faster buy liao let me know how issit!
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