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  1. there is a knob just behind the headlight. Turn clockwise/anticlockwise with the bike facing down a road. i cant rmb which direction brings it up/down, but u play around with the knob and see accordingly. hope this helps
  2. Hi guys, relatively new Bold'or rider here Share with u guys some photos of my recent rides up north https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SEMtS_omm0E/XCodk7YQUYI/AAAAAAAAJhc/kC0xXC5Sjc4lzSnA8LJTYaMrC0_AoWugwCLcBGAs/s1600/8835F01E-B204-4CC3-9510-F81FBA4FA56E.JPG https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-6vqbRRfWuMs/XCodlHrOpUI/AAAAAAAAJhg/RLAmgzh_hug5R92KFLuCjlN4WcBEDFqXgCLcBGAs/s1600/EB29528D-3D62-4B8D-A46D-D8B09DF98D3E.JPG Would love to meet other boldor riders here. Maybe we can create a whatsapp group or something and plan riding trips/events Cheers everyone! Happy New Year's Eve!
  3. I believe it's because the spec 3 is the last carburettor model for the Super4 family. Revo onwards is using EFI controlled by ECU. Carburetted bikes are mechanically/electronically simpler as compared to EFI... From what I read, if you need to change your key set on a Revo, ECU needs to be replaced as well as it's programmed together. And from what i heard, the earlier Revo models have several electrical/wiring issues. That could be why they're cheaper than the newer Revos. Nonetheless, it's just hearsay... I could be wrong since I don't have proper facts :/ I too am looking for a S
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