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  1. For sale BNIB. Ordered the wrong size. total cost plus shipping is $250. Selling at $220. Negotiable. Great for daily use. With Sunvisor. Washable inner paddings. Viewing in the East. Pasir Ris. 9757 one two nine three
  2. Anyone interested? $125. Size us 9. I bought in the wrong size. Never used. New. Still in box. http://images.sneakernews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/reebok-phase-ii-july-2013-2.jpg Contact 97571293 Deal in East
  3. haiyo.. married man noe u.. tsk.. ur wife ampai, come home shoot u then u noe..
  4. isnt that the feeling teachers want the students to feel.. they learn. not the teacher.
  5. its not about the money.. its about the time.. in that 4 hrs spent on talk ****, i might as well spent that money in a room teaching a girl the meaning of life.. "ok girl, life is just about in and out.. when i go in, something has to go out.. if it never come out, u have to take it out.. ah.. ok?" see.. these are all the things u never hear in school.. only in my School of Lifeology, u will learn this..
  6. not coming la bro.. if my bike goes out of singapore, means need to touch dirt already... its an RR bike.. race ready.. never touch dirt only, later she will start all its withdrawal symptoms.. so yeah.. anw i stay damn far, not worth pumping.. cashcard, toll, my petrol to Tuas already how much.. not being cheap.. but to save more money for marriage.
  7. no problem.. i am the most friendliest rider here... PM me for more action.
  8. maintenance wise, engine oil, 2bottles of fully synthetic if u got money, if u got no money then any oil will do. I would greatly recommend u the fully synthetic as this bike is a high rev bike 2 spark plugs, get the stock ones, but some riders change to iridium spark plug which does not effect much, cause in the end of the day, they still lose to me if i use the stock. oil filter is $12/- (change once every 2 engine oil cycle) sprockets front and rear, and chain needs to change as a set if possible as they wear together u see.. the rest is wear and tear.. other than that, all are cosmetics. if u want to pimp up, pm Rudinko or Al-Simmons. They got nice bikes.. somemore they tour a lot. u can actually look out for the traffic and the road for a start.
  9. sandcastle making.. teambuilding..
  10. guess whos back! hahaahahaha... no meet up ah.. now buy bike, then wash.. buy accesories, then PCC in front of ur bike ah.. i heard the dato buy varaking already.. so next rompin ride, no reason not to go.. if u cannot go on that date, i will make a date for u.. just u and me... in the wild.. amacam datok?
  11. Betong.....? cannot go with u already... u married man... i can go with Datok only... Yem_paul also cannot.. Knn.. go Betong bring wife.. where got fun! hahahaha....
  12. i miss the older Vara riders... now all quiet... eh kotek, i posted not to provoke u.. i just wanted this thread to be alive again.. and start riding and also do meet ups! anw, have u got ur bike fixed since that longkang fall...
  13. see.... now isnt it great to start a provoking post to get everybody talking... its pure psychological effect... now u guys do the talking... i will sit down and watch.. those who know me, im sure ure not offended... those who dont know me.. its time, i am gonna organise an offroad ride to Endau Rompin to cater to Vara125 needs... and also get Demon to organise a pure road trip for riders to bring their family out to enjoy.. so how now? ai mai... ezezeal... Lu jgn byk falsafah ah.... im still waiting for u to buy ur GS...
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