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  1. Hi I have a Mares Tropic Full 3MM Mens in SMALL size. I bought it in the USA and it is a bit tight for me. Letting go cheaply. PM me. Thanks. MARES STANDARD MENS SIZE CHART SIZE CHEST WAIST WEIGHT HEIGHT Small 36" - 40" 28" - 32" 135 - 155 lbs 5' 3" - 5' 8" Link to a picture of the wetsuit. http://www.watersportswarehouse.co.uk/images/product/main/mares-tropic-full_412576.jpg
  2. hid is the whole package with ballast is it? Got hid bulbs that you just fix into the socket? I m planning to get some from you. But after this busy month .. keke
  3. silver vios travelling along bke towards woodlands. Indian on the phone. purposely want to eat into my lane. purposely slow down for me and then overtake me. cut in front of me. play acceleration infront of me. all this until i overtake him and he start to tailgate me . so i keep left to middle lane. then he zoom off fast fast to show how fast his vios can go. i just ignore and ride on listening to bass music from my micron.
  4. Hi... anyone encounter bike bottom hit hump when going over sharp humps? Im now using a hurricane header on r model. is it the hurricane header lower or what? But then my fairing covering the header leh .. unless bikeshop oso lower my fairing oso? Anyone encounter? What remeddy other than go very very very slowly over humps?
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