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  1. Free bump for you. If I may ask, how do I start a new thread to sell an item in this forum? Is there a specific requirement I need to satisfy before I can begin a new thread? Appreciate your kind guidance. Have a nice weekend.
  2. Hi, chriszzz. I agree with your point there. That is why it is one of the requirement for getting a new helmet for myself. Ride safe.
  3. Hi, kzone. Thanks for the encouragement, although I'm not really optimistic about any deal. Anyway, I can put off my purchase a little longer. Currently, I am busy at work and I might need to travel overseas come May. So, in a way, I am not in a hurry but who can say, sometimes the hand is just itchy. Let's hope COE prices will drop as you predicted. At least other fellow riders, especially those new riders, won't have to spend so much. Cheers!
  4. Hi, Yahmarhuh. I doubt many will take the trouble to strip the bike, to help reduce the price. Most would just bring in as it is. Eventually, sellers only add margin over cost and buyers reluctantly accept the stated price. At the same time, COE prices will not drop. It is just the typical Singaporean way. Due to an increase in price, they will fear a further increase and hence rush to lock in now. Hi, chiadennis. That is a bit worrisome. I cannot imagine how the buyer would feel having to fork out a few extra grand when they have all agreed on the price previously. Perhaps, some shop
  5. Hi, all. I apologise for the lack of response due to my busy schedule. Heathx, when I was taking my practical lesson back then, the instructor at Ubi insisted on an open-faced helmet. While they did mentioned about the sticker on the first day, they do not check on it thereafter. Anyway, I have yet to find the time to head down to either shops. Thanks for the heads up, nonetheless. mechwira, I agree with you. For 2B lessons, the instructors are very strict with the learners. On higher grade, my lessons were rather relaxing. Hi, Dai. Thank you for the recommendation. This has never cam
  6. Hi, mechwira. Please do not worry about voicing your opinion. I appreciate your sharing. Ride safe.
  7. Hi, Yahmarhuh. The timing couldn't have been worse. I was taken aback when I read the budget this morning. I was discussing with a fellow rider earlier. We estimated the bike's OMV to be around $16k. After calculating, it's an additional $7k with GST inclusive; $10k for ARF alone. Singapore is really all about paying. Hi, blacksilver. I trust the price will be adjusted rather quickly too. Nobody wish to lose out in this world. Ride safe, all.
  8. Hi, raul7. Noted on your recommended Caberg Duke. However, the shop you mentioned have had unfavorable reviews. I'll drop by to have a look someday despite being a little worried. I trust HelmetBoys also carry this model as I did consider getting it before but I was told that practical lesson requires rider to have an open face helmet. Hi, mechwira. Noted on your recommended HJC. However, I'll have to check on that PSB Certified. Even if it is just a sticker, it still does give some assurance. I will pay MotorWord a visit soon to confirm. Anyway, what is your insight on Ozi 66? It was to
  9. Hi, Yahmarhuh. I appreciate the encouragement and is a little excited, anticipating the approval from the authorities. Hi, smallcar. I am looking forward to the new ride. I'll bear in mind the safety precautions nonetheless. Have a wonderful weekends, all. Be safe, ride safe.
  10. Dear All. Good day to you. I am looking for a new helmet as a replacement. Does anyone have any recommendation for a reasonable and affordable flip-up helmet? My budget is around SGD 200 +/-. It would be a great help if you could also list out the shops that offer those recommended helmets. I have only been using one helmet so far, which is the basic helmet I got when I first started learning to ride, so please pardon my question here. Thank you in advance for all your kind assistance.
  11. Hi, xiaozozo. Thank you for sharing your valuable insights. Regards to modifications, I am not really a fan. Even my current bike is still the same as to the one that I purchased three years ago. So I do not foresee this to be a major issue. Nonetheless, it is a valid point for consideration. As for insurance, maintenance and petrol cost, I have included them in my decision making. Insurance cost will definitely be a huge variance from my existing policy which is expected. Petrol cost should be about the same, just that the amount will be higher per top up but the frequency will be lesse
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