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  1. Thanks, glad to be able to share my adventures with the fellow forum friends.
  2. Thanks. With the trend moving to facebook, twitters and whatsapps, less and less people are visiting forums. Nevertheless, I still find forums a great place to share information and it is easier to arrange information in accordance to the topics.
  3. I have set out from 17 Nov 2017 and target to come back to Singapore sometime in end Jan 2018. Trying to update the blog daily as I progress, sharing my experiences with those who are planning to do the same. http://maxmotorcyclediary.blogspot.sg/p/se-asia-tour.html
  4. As you go to the automatic gantry, there are two passport scanner, one for rider and one for pillion. Once you scanned your passport and go through the gantry, there are two thumbprint scanner, one for rider and one for pillion. Hope this clarifies. https://maxmotorcyclediary.blogspot.sg/
  5. Just documented my 1 week trip riding in Taiwan -> https://maxmotorcyclediary.blogspot.sg/ For those interested in riding a totally different region without burning a big hole in your pocket.
  6. I have just documented my 1 week riding trip in Taiwan. For those interested, you can read it up here -> https://maxmotorcyclediary.blogspot.sg/
  7. Sounds sooooo tempting.. I am actually planning for a Malaysia-Thailand-Cambodia-Laos solo trip in Nov17. If that didnt work out, I can possibly join you if there are still vacancies. https://maxmotorcyclediary.blogspot.sg/
  8. Bro, you scrapping your phantom ?

    If yes, can I swap out the speedometer from your to-be-scrapped bike ?

    I am willing to pay for it.

    My speedometer needle is broken and I hope to swap out one with a unbroken needle with someone scrapping their bike.


    If interested, please contact me whatsapp/sms/phone at 85337332 . Thanks

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