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  1. If you are looking for a small box because you want it to be narrow, you should know that a small capacity box is not necessarily narrower than a bigger box after mounting. It depends on the mount as well. Eg, a bike-specific mount with a bigger box can be almost the same width as a small box with a generic mount because the bike-specific mount fits closer to the body. For small side cases, the popular one is the Givi E22 or Kappa K22, which are basically the same. Bigger in size, but with bike specific racks, are Givi V35 and Kappa K33N, both are Monokey series. If u want really
  2. Hi, do you still have Metzeler tyres? Roadtec 01. I heard the Metzeler agent in Sg closed down??
  3. Anyone knows where I can get engine frame sliders for the 2014 model, apart from Aliexpress? Prefer local shops to avoid long shipping times.
  4. Does it fit a 2014 Z1000SX? Where did you get the panniers from? What are you going to use if you sell your rack?
  5. SOLD!!! Honda CB400 Super4 Revo 2014 Sept (price reduced) * S$14,000 (reduced from $15,000) or best offer. Price negotiable for serious buyers. * Year of manufacture : 2014 * COE: Till September 29 2024 * Model: NC42 * Mileage: 32,885 km * Fuel consumption: around 20km/l for city+highway mixed riding. * Last oil change: 19 Jun 2018 * DID X-Ring chain and JT Sprocket, changed @ 32,682km @ Bikeworkz. * Includes: Yoshimura R77 exhaust endcan, 47L Givi topbox. * Reason for selling: Have a Class 2 bike. Super reliable bike. Bike is 3+ years old, but not ridden much (less than 2,00
  6. Not true. The section of the Road Traffic Act on this does not distinguish between retailers or private sellers. It says: For the purposes of section 74(1) and (2) of the Act, the protective helmet — (a) to be worn on the head of every person who drives or is carried on a motor cycle; or (b) to be sold or offered for sale or had in possession for sale, shall be of the following type approved by the Minister for Home Affairs: (i) it shall conform to the requirements of the Singapore Standard Specification S.S. 9:1992 (UDC 614.891: 629.047: 687.4: 629.113) as published by the Singapore P
  7. Can you share more info on how you did it? Did you go HCMC to Hanoi or the reverse? Did you rent or buy a bike? If you bought a bike, did you buy from shop or individual, and which mechanic did you go to for health-check and servicing? Did you need a bike licence? Any other details would be great.
  8. I had the same problem. So I took my rain pants to a tailor and asked her to add long zippers to the inside of my pant legs. The zipper basically ran all the way to the crotch. The zipper is of course not waterproof, so some rain will get in. Your legs will remain mostly (but not completely) dry since the zipper is on the inside of the pant leg, which is less exposed to the rain than the outside. It's not perfect, but surely better than not wearing rain pants at all.
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    Great, but you should still install the 90 degree valve. Makes pumping air easier, whether with gas station compressors or your own tyre pump.
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    You can install a 90 degree air valve. The valve outlet points outwards, making pumping air a breeze.
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