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  1. Done up the erp iu bracket which mounted on right side of handle bar. Anyone need it can go look for bikefabricator at synergy Kaki bukit.
  2. Never mind is ok

  3. Which tmax group?

  4. Yes I mean beside mirror... i see. R u in the t max grp

  5. Dashboard can't detect. Try a few sensor but failed. Went back to bikeshop and mount outside just beside the right mirror. Tested and it's OK. . Yes new SX.

  6. Just put it normal. Best. Everywhere also can detect. Haha by the way u bought the new t max too? Dx or sx?

  7. HI, where you mount the IU on tax? Just collected my tax and I placed it on top of the dashboard but have issue when Goin into carpark. Like can't detect.

  8. Care to share how the bracket going to mount the IU? And where to get? Getting tmax tmr and I asked bikeshop to place it on the forward dashboard.
  9. Givi coocase not available yet?
  10. Is there any top box and bracket available for tmax sx?
  11. Collaborate with Vodafone. Don't think it work in sg. But it's a cool feature.
  12. What the function of the tmax connect app?
  13. You will know when yours arrive....
  14. Yes bro. Kymco. Went to the agent shop in ubi to see. Initially want to get ak550. The meters all digital and quite a big size bike but when I touched the compartment at the dashboard, the quality not that gd and feel plastic. The fairing also.
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