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  1. http://world.honda.com/news/2010/2101102V4-Crosstourer/index.html http://www.huntsmotorcycles.co.uk/NewBikes/honda-crossrunner.htm [video=youtube;sVsyg-UloyY] [video=youtube;y1M-76xO7-U] 2 new honda adventure bike coming? 1200 and 800...v4...the 800 would be ideal if cheaper than Super Tenere...but slightly more ex than Vstrom650 abit...*dreaming*
  2. was wondering either 2008 Pegaso 650 or VSTROM650 is the better bike interms of maintences and durability. Understand that the Pegaso 650 uses Yamaha engine (XT660 i think) parts should be the same right? I was initially more or less confrim getting the Vstrom650(which need to wait for 3mth for the stock) but was surprise by ppl from MAh pte when they say that the Pegaso was cheaper than vstrom...
  3. if anyone still going can help me look out for majesty lower fairing. My majesty250 is FS plate...yr2000 model. went there just before CNY...but they say my model not much ppl scrap...but the pre2000 they got lota spares...so they just say if free go down chk chk....
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