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  1. if anyone is attempting to do DIY maintenance, check out
  2. When feeling down, remember/look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. when having to fail& repeat a lesson, it means u havent mastered the technique, do the lesson again to perfect it. it's better than scrapping thru with half-ass skills/technqiue and go onto the road. on the road ( the real road) , there is no chance for mistake/error.
  3. am a LIKE 150i (2018) user. hard to get accessories. ( though i managed to get the essential stuff from Taobao , like airfilter, rear rack etc ) fuel consumption is about 1litre/35~37km
  4. i went today and managed to get a my parts from 74, SungetKadut scrap shop. rear view mirror for cbr150r honda (2009 model ). $15. a little difficult to locate shop though. here is the entrance view: https://drive.google.com/file/d/160xe5Krxa5_YnZ7PAqkIx28vOBhqSWyf/view?usp=sharing
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