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  1. w4m must be bored...

  2. hi xiaoxiao

    u know elaine?


    he is my friend friend friend gf

  3. one pang pui aka fart, one tarik. entertaining!
  4. but his posts counts still so little? erm. overloaded with info liao~
  5. ya i know him.

    oh isit. then u nvr go and know him?

  6. xiao xiao u know daze(guo wei) ah.. i dunno him.. but i heard his name b4.. he is my friend's friend..

  7. just talk to pple whom i know? =)

    there are pple who got 10k +++++ posts de leh. mine considered little.

  8. so its after desaru? how abt the travelling speed? 2b bikes welcomed?
  9. wheres this Pengerang? how far the distance? then need to bring how much money?
  10. eh. very low low low~ how low? pm me leh. let go low low. might as well let go to me.
  11. eh. when wan lemme try ur ARAI S size? meet Ann's sch? lol.
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