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  1. Here is the latest still alive and kicking...last few blackbirds not touched by the nea rebate massacre...
  2. Hi...anyone still riding blackbird?
  3. Fuhhh..still alive ar..long time never log on here... Sent from my SM-A800I using Tapatalk
  4. Hi guys..its been a long time since i log on into sbf...use to ride a vtec3...sold it off in 2009 and riding a honda blackbird till now... Need some info on super 4 revo wheel bearing number is it 6004 2RS 2pcs for the front and for the rear whats the number?.. One more thing anyone got info in how much the output of the charging coil for super 4 revo?...how much ACV at 5000rpm?... Sent from my SM-A800I using Tapatalk
  5. bro, ko tinggal area tpy jugak ke?

  6. Nice outing bro...its been quite sometime i wake up for breakfast outside home...Soon every sunday i got good reason to go out from home..."buy prata"...Next year we can also go for "buy thai sos"...hehehe!!!
  7. For carb model i think it will be much easier coz no ram air box compare to FI birds...
  8. Cant change the fact bro...its a naked bike...engine will gets hot..its normal..If your cooling fan runs...thermostat's working,radiator cap holding its pressure, there's no need to do anything...Engine oil basically lubricate,clean and cool engine moving parts..So not much effect if you change to different brand or viscosity... Radiator does most of the cooling job,maybe what you can do is straighten those bend fins on it,blow with low compressed air to remove dust and clean the debris on the radiator fins(small stones...hair...dead bugs etc etc)...
  9. New thing..good..c u on sunday...
  10. Alamak boy....we have mainstand lah...
  11. Wakaka!!!..still remember u smsed me on 13june to hear warna 94.2 station.."The cries of middle aged man that craves to be an artist during younger days.." And infact i was listening it all the way from my workplace to home.
  12. Pd pendapat aku ar...bunyik kuat pon tak baguz nanti orang cakap bunyik mcm ribut laju mcm siput....
  13. Rajin2 ler pi touring...kalau pat singapore standby lesen gantung je... Mcm orang cakap...MAU BRANI AJA!...
  14. Aiya bro...i juz guide you,you did most of the work...So when are you going to fit the twin illegal bamboo?..will standby my 13mm spanner...
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