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  1. Just one random day, when I left my bike at the workshop and met my security guard (Malaysian Rider) at the lift lobby, I heard something shocking and it also cleared my curiosity on why his helmet has scotch-taped on it. This is the link of the modular helmet I have given: https://reginaspecialties.com/products/origine-delta-basic-solid-matt-black-helmet?variant=37635793027260 The Helmet is ECE 22.05 safety certified, you may find out more from this link:(https://unece.org/DAM/trans/publications/WP29/Leaflet_Helmets.pdf)
  2. Shark Spartan Carbon has been my helmet for my daily use and now Shark came out with the hybrid of Track and Touring helmet, the Shark Spartan Carbon GT. Here in my review, I'll share the new features of the Spartan Carbon GT and a small bonus at the end of the video! Shark Spartan GT Carbon Kormium Chrome Red Helmet (DUR) https://reginaspecialties.com/products/shark-spartan-gt-carbon-kormium-chrome-red-helmet?variant=32001197080673 ORIGINAL SHARK VISOR LIGHT BLUE IRIDIUM https://us.shark-helmets.com/collections/genuine-shark-helmets-visors/products/original-l
  3. Sometimes It can be really confusing on what helmet is best for you. Yes, I do have my own dilemma as well, when I first started riding after I just passed my 2B. In this video, I’ll be sharing how I choose my helmets and what mistakes I did in choosing the wrong helmet in the past, and how to avoid them. Special Guest appearance: Xavier from Regina Specialities (reginaspecialities.com) Custom Airbrush helmet artwork by: Bart (Dzul) - https://www.instagram.com/tbrndesigns/ Here are the links of the helmets I use in this video if you are interested
  4. With more 200 cc and below (Singapore Motorcycle Licence 2B), we are spoilt for choices compared to last time when I only have a few poor conditions 2 stroke, Honda Phantom TA200 and TA150 and the good old CBF150 to choose from, I am impressed by the number of upgrades now in this ride. To see more in depth information of the Zontes 155, here’s the link below: Specifications of the Zontes 155 G1 Scrambler http://cka.com.sg/brands/zontes/zontes-zt150g1/#
  5. Here's my neutral gear review of the SP Connect motorcycle mounts more in depth after trying them for around a week or so. To find out more, do visit their website at https://www.ostsome.com/collections/s... . To get a 10% off, the discount code is at the last chapter of my video so don't miss it! To see my photo works, do follow me at my instagram at . Thank you and see you in my next video!
  6. As handphones now being a need instead of just a want, mounting your expensive phone on your bike securely is crucial! In this video, I will be sharing 3 ways to mount your phone on your bike especially sports bikes and also share problems I face for different mount used. For my next video, I will be doing an in-depth review of the SP Connect mount. Here are the links for the mounts I share if you are interested to get one: For X-Grip: https://www.carousell.sg/p/x-grip-finger-grip-octopus-grip-1014487866/?t-id=DEzFVVaEXR_1609932024511&t-referrer_request_id=1LDcrSm7E65h
  7. Finally got hold of the Lego Technic Ducati V4R set as a christmas / birthday gift for myself last year! After purchasing, I just left it aside as I was too caught up some projects. Then one day, not sure if it is a Sunday, my wife suggested to fit it up together, it was 10 pm at that time and we both thought it will be just a quick fix and it ends up being quite a mess and a long time of figuring this out. In this video, I will share 3 tips to make your assembly experience more pleasant and of course with fun! Here's the link if you are interested in getting one! https://www.lego.co
  8. Yes I've tried. The wheel roller dont work for my bike because its heavy. I tried it on my hayabusa. The bike has to be a little more upright to use it. As for jack stand, do you mean paddock? Currently the method I show in the video so far is the only one I deemed the safest as when your bike is jacked up, its just learning slightly towards your side stand so your bike won't fall over but that is if your bike side stand is in good condition and not those type without a base. Those types are risky even for normal parking use, I feel.
  9. Recently it has been raining heavily and the worse part is that it has been so unpredictable. You can check your weather app, then you thought it is NOT going to rain, and bam! A surprise rain pour falls on you.. it's worse when you do not have any spare clothes and you have an important meeting to attend to. So in this video, I share an alternative cheaper and more portable raincoat solution that was shared by a good friend of mine, so you can be well prepared in all weathers of Singapore. This is not a sponsored video by Decathlon but good stuff had to be shared! Here are the l
  10. Lubricating your chain can be such a hassle in Singapore. Especially when your HDB (Housing Development Board) home and your multi story carpark is far away but without a proper chain maintenance, you will end up paying for more chain replacement, have unnecessary broken chain on the road which can compromise your safety, or just wasting more petrol as your engine has to push as your chain are smooth in cycle. In this video, I share how I lubricate my chains both on my sports bike (Ducati Supersport S) and street bike (Honda Super 4 C400 Spec 1). Here are the links of stuff
  11. Thank you and will do my best ! Thanks and Happy New Year!
  12. This will be the last video for 2020 and thank you guys for all your support, both offline (On the Roads) and online! So sorry for such a long delay to my next video as I was so held up with stuff after I get hitched, I will do my best to give you the best content that can help in your riding experience. Everyone starts as a new rider, and when I was new, I have not much people to turn to, so this is why I started this channel to help and share my experience and tips too! BIKE REVIEWS, GEAR REVIEWS, TIP & HACKS I Use to have a great riding experience all in here!
  13. For our instalment of Built Not Bought Series, we meet Bart, your friendly neighbourhood airbrusher, who is taking this art form to the next level. Sharing about his early days, to his love and passion for airbrushing. We find out what makes TBRN Designs the go-to place for your custom paint job on your next motorcycle project. Like what we are doing and want more content? Tell us what you think and recommend in the comments below! For more information on Bart, check out: TBRN Designs Instagram: http://bit.ly/TBRNIG TBRN Designs Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/TBRNYT TBRN Designs
  14. Just to share a little more of my ride and why I choose it? Who knows? You might also be the next Hayabusa owner too! So what is it that I like about the haya? Well, Comfort, power when I need it and easy to maintain I would also want to extend my appreciation to my good friend and Airbrusher (TBRN Designs : https://www.instagram.com/tbrndesigns/) for retouching up my ride and custom designed my helmet for me. Will be sharing more about him in my next entry!
  15. Thank you and glad that you like my videos!
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