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  1. Hi mod, i have a bike for sale, but i cant create a new thread as i have apparently no rights. Could you please check for me? Thanks

  2. hi mod, i would like to know wheres my thread "mechanix gloves! various colours" in garage sales? suddenly it went missing.thank u.

  3. Hi,


    Can u plz help to close this thread. Thnks


  4. hi i got a question like i haven't got my license then i go with the person to LTA to transfer the ownership then the bike will be on lay up at my carpark right?

  5. hello . can i ask you . in the forum there is any chat talk about race ?

  6. Agree agree!! sometimes i go chiong also take train... damn erfreshing sia! esp the nel... haben take before... ok,
  7. I think those plate needs bidding one... pay xtra to be special lor
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