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  1. Selling Harley Davidson leather vest (orange/black with white bold HD wording at the back). Genuine cow hide leather , one and only custom piece you can find in SG that's for sure as its was bought from overseas. Price wise I'm letting go at $400 neg, worn only twice. Contact me at 91802558, will whatsapp or mms pic for viewing. Thanks
  2. Any meetup for kopi or other stuff today??? Any?? I think most of us here already back in stock.......so wanna kick up some badass ride huh!!!
  3. Anybody plannin for meetup or riding locally tomorrow, do buzz me @91802558 !! Yeah time to meetup with ya guys and gals........hehe
  4. IMO and tested for Avon Cobra almost a month, find it quite sticky on the road and did a few nice 'unstressed' corners...hehhe price wise quite pricey...ard $500 with installations and balancing. Regards Mick
  5. Name Jack Wee Mick Teo
  6. Bro, I love the statement 'Key challenge is trying to get everyone together'... Think we MUST meetup asap, as i need advise from you on petrol stops along the way for 883 and some important stuffs, as i had been grounded almost 3 years from riding overseas due to my newborn little one......now my wifey had given me some allowance on long distance trip....that my reasons..... One person can't do magic......we need the whole lot of brothers here to put our hands together to make this group a happy and memorable one, when times catch up with us where we might be unable to ride anymore!!!! wah sound like old man's nagging...hahahha
  7. Ok guys, I've had changed my tyres yesterday to AVON COBRA with balancing. Tyres batch 1112 (week 11, year 2012), still fresh in my opinion.....
  8. I staying in the West (Holland Area).
  9. Wow that's great.......Can share your experience in petrol's stops all the way to Phuket. I'm plannin a road trip to Phuket someday soon and I need some distance's marking for petrol stop, rest point...etc I've had doned Thailand road trip to Surat Thani, Donsak, Koh Samui, Hatyai on other make bike.........So this time round i trying on the 883 for the first time...YEAH YEAH If you don't mind i can be your wingmen or sweeper...hehe
  10. I've got a quote from another shop for not more than $500 for avon tires front and back include install. Compare if it's economically cheap, drop me a msg @91802558 i can arrange for that....rest assured no hidden cost and i dun earn commission for that!!!
  11. Avon tyre, yeah heard of it....so how much for front and back?? where you change?? And where you stay bro...care to share?
  12. Me too...I'm scare easy or easy scare too.... However, everything has got to be a start right? Anybody change their tyres yet, can advise on brand and pricing, where to change etc? My all tyres are super overdued and i start to do sway dancing liao....WHOOO dangerous man!!!
  13. Wow...since long time liao!!! How's everybody here......hehehe!!! knock knock...***no sound***.......hmmmm!!!
  14. Dun worry bro!! Everything just needed a first start, it's doesn't matter who start first or take the lead.......!!! Anyway in my point of view, there's already a invisible fraction for other Harley's riders.....Because there's diff classes, diff models.....etc existed in our community, you might wanna try to participate in a group of roadking, glide or other big twins riders for a long ride up north with your sporty..........i will say you might ended up with disappointment. Correct me if i'm wrong....thanks readers. i would say honda C70 is fast too...so how do you think?? You dunno how to cross custom..Me too??? How??? hahhahahaha ;P
  15. Geess.......thumbs up lol I'm with all of you here......Sporty Sporty Sporty.........!!! Luckily this is up if not i might giving up my sporty, since the 'white ants' are hot on our wheels....ARGHHHH Shall I suggest that we private msg our contacts to the TS ...so that he or she can arrange any rides, meet and swap, sellin or buying....etc in future. Regards Lone Wolf
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