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  1. Selling Harley Davidson leather vest (orange/black with white bold HD wording at the back). Genuine cow hide leather , one and only custom piece you can find in SG that's for sure as its was bought from overseas. Price wise I'm letting go at $400 neg, worn only twice. Contact me at 91802558, will whatsapp or mms pic for viewing. Thanks
  2. Doubts in LTA's reply and statement made....!!!!! Giving me goose pimples when LTA's stated feel free enjoying your ride.........YEAH and also feel free for us to catch YOU!!!!! hahahah catch the inner's meanings?????
  3. Hi Bros, Checkin with Bros here, whether does any of you going for this year Phuket Bike Week 2012?? Regards Mick
  4. Yes there is one for sale......contact me at 91802558 2006 XL883L
  5. Andy, sad to say.....that Pappy ***** party will still win the 2016 'something' even after that in future!!!......BECAUSE there alot of 'carry lampa' = carry balls around in Singapore!!! Some peoples always cursed and sweared at them but quietly vote for them behind..something you may not know,...but i've seen it on the spot!!! OPPS I DID IT AGAIN.......did i say anything .....nothing what!!!! hehehehe hahahhaha ehehehehhe
  6. Agreed with Andy......my ass too!!!! It's total worse than ***** sound......= no sound at all!!!! one word....Cheesepie!!!! I just Fcuk care them lah.......use whatever i like......!!!! That's my style!!!
  7. No problem bro, I'll be joining you soon!!!! haiz..will here accept me as the newest newest " ***** sound" member?...dot...
  8. yes!! that dude kana ambushed was ME!!!! yeah my neighbourhood real sucks.........!!! There's one fine day, i received a handwritten note on my bike, it's say, Bro, My family thanks you for pushin ur bike from the 4 storey of the mscp down to the ground floor to start ur bike every single morning as we can see from the window, but my daughter still wake up by the sound of your bike, can you please help and find solution again to help us, thanks Wah piang eh liddat, where am i going to park my bike sial......somemore it's my own neighbourhood .......%&$%&*$^$#[email protected]&@
  9. To all bikers, if you're always come back home late or right in the middle of the night and if your carpark is multi-storey type....do becareful in the next morning, do spare a minute to go over and look at your exit and entrance of your carpark make sure the white pigs is not there!!
  10. On the way to work...estimated about 8am, road junction @Buona Vista Mrt station, turning right to Clementi. Not on Operations, just normal rode pass, stop @ traffic junction at the back of me, stop me and hail me by the roadside after turning right towards Clementi. one word...just my luck!!!! Have to learn to accept it!!!
  11. About 1 week plus ago...!!
  12. Noted!!......yeah i ridin like criminal now.......heheheh
  13. Wah...bro.....know you quite some times....didn't know you're such a Badass kinda ..........!!!! Anyway, good one...kudos lah!!!! sad i just got caught for the screamin chicken...haiz!!! now awaitin for appeal reply!!!
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