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  1. Hi every1 just gotten myself a Revo -ABS. Liking this bike, 1st evening clocked almost 100km liao; but its freaking hot :btw:Does any1 has the owner manual for this newer ver REVO 2015 onwards(wif the gear indicator) to share; as my is PI bike all in jap, would like to learn more on the bike during this running in phase. Thanks
  2. Hey there, no worries, when u cleared TP in 1 try all this is nothing.(my 2A L3 took 5x) Btw for lesson 5/8 best to use ur most confident bike no. to increase ur chances. And practice with as many bikes as u possibly can during ur CR before TP. my 2 cent.
  3. Now i got the towing service no. liao; had to tow my SP again:sian: and ah chong passed me the no.
  4. Hey, what jbdoggy reply is pretty much correct from what i rememeber; its kinda like when u need to signal and check bind spot right away after move off ; so the traffic die die have to be clear.
  5. Bro, most of the instructors already changed alot new faces; when i went back for 2A end of last year. Got one chinese trainer at the counter(always kena nagged by him ) he was my CL3 warm-up instructor lol.
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